Romantic Date Ideas

Late Summer Date Ideas

Can you believe summer is almost gone? Before we say farewell to flip flops and gelato, make the most of these long, gorgeous days with a memorable summer date. The great thing about summer is you don’t have to do much planning to have a fun time. Here are a few romantic date ideas to make this summer hotter than ever.

Have an outdoor picnic
So you think picnics are a cliched date idea? You’re completely right! But here’s the thing…who cares! In a month or two you’ll be stuck indoors complaining that you never spent enough time with your honey at your favourite park or beach. So, throw a few tasty treats and cold beers into a tote bag, choose a comfortable, intimate spot and enjoy a late summer picnic.

Go restaurant hopping
Forget boring old dinner dates. Turn your night out into a moveable feast. Sample a variety of new flavours with an improvised restaurant hop.One way to break up the date is to enjoy each part of the meal at a different culinary spot. For example, cocktails at that new cocktail bar you’ve been dying to try, entrees at the cute Turkish place across the road, then take a walk and enjoy your main course at a food truck or market stall, and finish with dessert at a funky hole-in-the-wall.

Let’s get physical
Late summer is the perfect time to get outdoorsy with your man. The brutal heat is gone, with just endless sunshine, warm temperatures and stunning scenery to enjoy. only wise to take advantage of the sunshine, warm temperatures, and beautiful scenery. One of the best late summer date ideas is to engage in some friendly rivalry – whether you’re a big sports fan or not that adventurous. There’s never a shortage of outdoor things to do – think beach volleyball, tennis, mountain biking, kayaking, horseback riding or simply take a walk in the park.

Soak in a jacuzzi with a bottle of Champagne
It’s time to get your sexy on! When was the last time you lounged in a hot tub with a bottle of bubbly? Strip down to your cossie (it may be the last chance you get to wear it this summer!) and get hot and steamy with your sexy half-naked man.

What are your favourite late summer date ideas?

Cute Date Ideas for Foodies

If food is your passion, we’ve found some romantic and cute date ideas to keep you – and your taste buds – tantalised.

Visit a farmer’s market
A farmer’s market is the perfect place for a morning or afternoon date. Stroll together browsing through the season’s best fruits and vegetables. Sample local cheeses and smoked meats, baked goods and gelato. Then go home and cook up a spectacular brunch with all the locally-produced treats. You make the eggs, he makes the cocktails (hint: mimosas just need freshly-squeezed orange juice and sparkling wine!).

Tour a vineyard and do a wine tasting
Few locations are as scenic and relaxing as a vineyard. Take a tour of the vineyard and winery and learn about the whole process of wine-making. There’s nothing like being outdoors in the sun and fresh air together to make a date feel fun and energising. Then, try the wines, comparing tasting notes. Relax together and choose a few bottles to bring home with you as souvenirs of your romantic date.

Do a food safari
Forget travelling overseas to experience different tastes and cultures – have a food safari in your own city. Spend an evening hopping from place to place, grazing on delicious bites from around the world. Maybe you could start with a plate of soup dumplings at a Chinese restaurant, share some grilled skewers at a Malaysian hawker food stand, and finish with Korean BBQ (late-night karaoke is optional, but recommended!).

Get out on the ocean and catch your dinner
OK, so you think fishing is not for you? After spending a few weekends this summer fishing, I can tell you it’s completely exhilarating! Consider taking your date on an unforgettable deep-sea fishing trip and catch the freshest dinner you’ll ever enjoy. Or you can hop on a fishing charter or hire a private boat with all the fishing gear included. Sail out onto the open water and just have fun together as you see who has the superior fishing skills. When it’s time for dinner, get out the BBQ, pop open a bottle of bubbly and celebrate your fresh catch.

Discover a new restaurant together
Is there a new restaurant that’s creating lots of buzz? Start with cocktails first and really make a night out of it. Ask about the restaurant’s signature dishes, or consider the tasting menu so the chef can highlight their favourite dishes for you.  Try to book a romantic table out of the way of the busiest part of the restaurant so the two of you have a lovely spot to talk about the food, and each other, and really soak up the atmosphere.

What are your favourite food date ideas?

4 (Non-Cheesy) Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

So you want to do something fun and romantic on Valentine’s Day, but then, of course, you don’t want to be a cliche. You want a genuine experience with your partner, not a Nicholas Sparks novel brought to life.

What are your options? How can you create a special night for the two of you (without rose petals on the bed or edible underwear?). Here are four Valentine’s Day date ideas you’ll both love.

Cook together
It sounds too simple, right? The best dates are often just that: simple. Cook something delicious, but not too complicated. Spending time together in the kitchen on Valentine’s Day should be fun and flirty, so no stressful soufflés or tricky tapenades. What do you both love to eat? Maybe you can recreate a dish you ate together on your first date, on the night you got engaged, or any time that was memorable for you as a couple.

Make a mess, spice things up, and then enjoy the meal together together. This is the time to open that bottle of wine you’ve been waiting to open on a special occasion (while it gathers dust on your wine rack). Make the meal feels like a celebration, which it is! You’re celebrating your love, and that deserves a toast.

Pack a picnic and go to an outdoor movie
The weather’s perfect for a picnic, and really, is there anything more romantic? If you can drink wine under the stars while watching a movie on the big screen, you’ve got yourself a pretty perfect date. Fill a basket with fun foods and a bottle of bubbly and spend Valentine’s Day in the fresh air.

Schedule a couple’s massage
Okay, this one may sound cheesy, but once your cares are being melted away by a warm, relaxing massage, you won’t care.  And trust us, most men might role their eyes at the idea of a massage, but we’ve yet to meet one who hasn’t loved it as much as you. After a session of pampering, both of you will feel refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready for a sexy evening in.

Do something adventurous
Whether adventure for you means a light hike or a ride on a rollercoaster, get outdoors and do something a little challenging together. There is nothing more exhilarating than getting out of your comfort zone and enjoying a daring adventure together. Take in the breathtaking view at the top of a mountain. Spend the night at an amusement park. Jump in the waves together at your local beach. Get outdoors and hold hands. You’ll have an unforgettable experience.

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be all about red roses and heart-shaped chocolates if that’s too cheesy for you. Just think about what would be most fun for you and your partner and go with it. Celebrate your relationship and enjoy each other without any distractions. If you’re both relaxed and doing something you enjoy, your Valentine’s Day is sure to be a memorable, romantic date!

What are your favourite Valentine’s Day date ideas?

5 Fun Spring Date Ideas

After spending months inside avoiding the cold, it’s time to get outside with your loved one and enjoy the warmer weather. If it’s not outdoors, forget about it. You just spent months hibernating inside.

Enjoy some of these fun date ideas that will definitely add a spark into your love life this spring.

Get competitive
Golf is the perfect opportunity for you and your date to get outside and have some flirty fun. Now, not everyone may be a fan of shooting 18 holes at your nearest golf course. Instead, who doesn’t love a little competitive fun at the local mini golf course, so grab your sweetie and kick some butt. Make some risqué bets to make the mini golf experience even sexier.

Get beachy
The water’s warming up, but even if it’s still a little nippy, the beach is the perfect place to get a little rest and relaxation, and fresh air, with your honey. Bring a blanket and watch the sunset, or pack some snacks for a picnic on the beach.

Go green
Whether you have a backyard or just a balcony, gardening is a fun way to bond. If you both enjoy gardening, all the better. Get dirty outside by planting your favourite fruits and vegetables, or a some fragrant herbs in a planter on the balcony. Just imagine all the delicious things you will be able to cook up with your partner in the near future.

Dine outside
Beer gardens are open again so head to your local pub and while away an afternoon over cold beers, or enjoy a leisurely alfresco dinner along the water. There’s nothing better than sitting outdoors in the warm spring air, sharing a bottle of wine and great food. Don’t forget your cardi as it can get chilly!

Get active
Exercise may not be at the top of your list of most romantic date ideas, but being active releases endorphins, which makes you happy, and gives you a natural high. Now, skip the gym. That’s inside and doesn’t count. Instead, grab a bike or rent some kayaks, hike the woods or stroll a local park. Getting active together in a fun way will allow you to both feel great about yourselves, as well as one another. Plus, all that hot sweaty activity could lead to some exciting activities later on at night!

What’s your favourite spring date idea?

5 Fun Date Night Ideas (That Aren’t Cheesy!)

Whether you have kids and need to slip away for an evening, want to get out of the house and have a romantic night out, or are planning a first date, we’ve got 5 unique date ideas that are sure to light a spark without the eye rolling and sarcastic jokes. Forget the candle-lit dinner on the floor in front of a fireplace. Life is not a Nicholas Sparks film, so here are 5 non-cheesy dating ideas that both of you will love.

Dance the night away

Typically, date nights consist of you and your partner, but who says that has to be your idea of a great date? Grab some friends and head to a club and dance the night away. If the club scene isn’t your idea of romance, look for a salsa club or even jazz bar.

Take a class together

Going back to school may not seem like a romantic night out, but learning something together can be a lot of fun and an excellent way for the two of you to bond. Learn a different language, find a hobby you both have in common, or take a cooking class. Enriching yourself will only feel even more satisfying when you’re doing it together, and that positivity will be felt well into your relationship.

Exercise in a fun way

Exercise isn’t typically something that people think of as a fun date. But it doesn’t have to mean sweating it out at the gym. Grab your partner and hike a local trail, go for an after-work jog, or now that it’s warmer, take a dip at the beach or local pool. It’s a great way to work up the endorphins, which can only mean good things for when you get home…

Hit up your local amusement park

Amusement parks are fabulous for a romantic date night, or even just a fun getaway for the day. Channel your inner child and let go of the everyday stress. Spin around on rides, compete in carnival games and enjoy some old-fashioned fairy floss and caramel popcorn. There is no way that you can have a bad time at an amusement park. Well…unless you go on one too many twirly rides!

Boat along the harbour

Taking a boat trip at night is a stunning way to see the city lights and cosy up to your partner. Look for a boat that comes with a romantic dinner or picnic during the ride, or grab a bottle of Champagne and set sail on your own…even hopping on the ferry or a river cruise can be the perfect way to spend an evening.

What’s your favourite date night idea?

Date Ideas for this Weekend

Want to do something different with your partner this weekend? Or maybe you?re after an original idea for a great date with that special someone? We?ve got some out-there activities for you that will keep you and your relationship fit and healthy.Climb

The top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge is one of the most romantic and unique places to take your partner. BridgeClimb is perfect for couples looking for a ?thrill-seeking? experience that will be remembered for a lifetime. PS Did you know that over 750 people have been proposed to at the top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge?

Check the BridgeClimb website for more www.bridgeclimb.com/shesaid or phone the BridgeClimb Ticket Hotline: (02) 8274 7770

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If you thought that sipping champagne and watching the sun rise with your loved one was the height of romance we?ve got a twist on the old champagne sunrise that will leave you breathless. Imagine soaring in a fabulous hot air balloon, drifting across the sky taking in the sunrise from a vantage point previously reserved for things with wings. Balloon Aloft has been helping us mere mortals take to the sky for over 22 years. For further information, or to book online see the Balloon Aloft web site www.balloonaloft.com or call (02) 4938 1955.

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We all know how divine it is to be pampered for an hour to two at a gorgeous day spa. Just think of how decadent a treatment for two would be?

Retreat at the Lyall is a holistic spa experience for men and women offering an extensive range of face and body treatments designed to enliven your senses and leave you totally rejuvenated. A must for any pleasure-seeking couple is the Retreat Rasul treatment for two.

Your scrub, mud and moisturising treatment takes place in the heady vapours of a private steam room ? just you and your partner – nude?(You can have an assisted Rasul with one of the lovely therapists, but three?s probably going to be crowd?).

Contact Retreat at the Lyall 03 98686 8333 for bookings and more information.

Or try…

Indoor rock climbing ? scale new heights and work up a sweat!

Sexy salsa dance classes ? learn the moves together!

Hiking ? head for the hills and experiences the thrill of the great outdoors. Don?t forget to take a blanket?