Great Sex Positions

7 Great Sex Positions To Try This Weekend

Move over, missionary! This weekend is just the time to get your groove on under the sheets and try some great sex positions to up your bedroom game. Better sex starts tonight!

The Ballet Dancer
Face him and push him against a wall. While standing on one leg, wrap your other leg around him. Have him hold your leg or your hips for support. This is a very sensual position. It may be a little harder to do if there is a large height difference between the two of you, but try it anyways. It’s worth it.

Reverse Cowgirl
Here is a move you’re both guaranteed to love. While he’s lying down, straddle him but facing his feet. This is a particularly kinky position because you’ll have most of the control, so take advantage by teasing him a little by speeding up and then slowing down. The reverse cowgirl also provides him with an excellent view of your butt.

Spank Me Maybe
This sex position is a great move if you want to give him a little more control. Start in reverse cowgirl and have him sit up with his legs still extended. Lie forward between his legs. Your legs will be extended back while your torso is between his thighs. This move is great for some spanking and hair pulling.

The Om
While he sits cross-legged, sit on his lap while facing him and wrap your arms and legs around him in a passionate embrace. The key is to rock back and forth, not to thrust. This position is great for intimacy and kissing while you rock to orgasm.

Downward Facing Doggie
Yogis and yogis-to-be will love this move. For those who are unfamiliar with yoga, begin in the normal doggie style position and, with your hands still on the floor, place your feet flat on the floor and lift your butt high in the air, creating a pyramid. Have him hold onto your hips while he thrusts into you. Like doggie style, this position is great for deep penetration and G-spot stimulation.

The Swimmer
Lie on your front with your legs apart and arms extended over your head, like you’re swimming. Your man lies on top of you (think missionary, but you’re lying on your stomach and not your back). Bring your feet closer together for a tighter squeeze.

The Basket
Visual stimulation and comfort to help achieve orgasm are easy with this sex position. The man sits flat on the bed, with one leg out straight and the other bent at the knee. Sit on his lap to achieve deep penetration and clitoral friction.

5 Great Sex Positions for Lazy Days

We’re all guilty of having (preferring?) lazy sex at one time or another. An early morning wake up call, a rough day at work or being a parent zaps our energy and sex is often the last thing on our mind.

But just like pizza, lazy sex is better than no sex at all. These lazy sex positions are perfect for the end of the day, or  spicing up an early morning surprise when you can’t be bothered breaking a sweat. So get your groove on with these great sex positions for even the laziest of lovers.

Spooning Get into your favourite cuddle position and make it sexy. Start off slow and relaxed, and enjoy a closer fit by propping your leg onto his. Be attuned to the feeling of his warm breath on your neck to add to the intimacy.

Lazy Doggy As a variation on the fan favourite, lay down flat or with a pillow propping up the pelvis. As he climbs on top, he can comfortably lay down and still have full control. This is one of those great sex positions that can be incredibly sensual as well as relaxing.

Couch Cowgirl Feeling drowsy after a movie night on the couch? Stay on the couch and enjoy this nice quickie. Have him relax and sit back while you straddle his lap. He’ll love the view being propped up in the sitting position.

Elevated Missionary A cleverly placed pillow under the butt allows your guy to do all the hard work without holding himself up. This position gives a better angle for both partners, with more grinding than regular missionary.

Shower Doggy Hop in the shower together and enjoy some hot and steamy sex with a wet doggy-style session propped against the shower wall. Bend over and rest against the wall, and prop one foot on the side of the tub or shower wall to provide stability and resistance.

7 Tantric Sex Positions For Better Sex

Sure you’ve heard about tantric sex –  probably thanks to Sting and Trudie Tyler. But what exactly is tantric sex, and is it really the key to a better sex life?

Tantric sex is about enjoying intimacy with your partner by focusing on a higher level of satisfaction and togetherness. Think of it as more of a full body and mind experience than day-to-day sex. Like with meditation and yoga, which both have similar ancient roots, tantric sex is about the energy within yourself and connecting deeply with another person. Fans of tantric sex believe sex is much more satisfying than regular sex,

Interested in exploring hot and sweaty tantric sex? Try these great sex positions for a taste of tantric.

Yab Yum
Maintaining eye contact and feeling each other’s bodies is key in tantric sex, so the Yab Yum position is a perfect place to start. The man sits cross-legged while the woman climbs on top and wraps her legs around him. The man rocks gently and can start off slow and gradually build up to one of tantric sex’s greatest gifts: simultaneous orgasm. The friction of touching bodies makes the moment of penetration more satisfying than jumping right in. His hands are free to roam and stimulate the body, and you’re both aligned to share kisses.

The Sidewinder
Another face-to-face position that leads to a lot of kissing and eye contact is the spooning position but with both partners facing together. It is easy to get into this position: just roll the missionary position on its side. Depending on your comfort level, one leg may stay under the man or both can be together rested across his legs. Focus on synchronising breaths and becoming in tune with each other’s movements.

The Padlock
Hop up onto the counter top or washing machine and wrap your legs around your man’s waist as he takes control of the situation by grabbing onto the hips or butt. Lean back and rest on your hands or elbows to create a bit of distance and enjoy an erotic view of your lover’s body.

The Butterfly
Find a comfortable, low piece of furniture to rest on, but instead of laying flat like the Padlock position, raise the hips against his pelvis. He should have a firm grip on the butt to guide himself in. Hold the table to match his thrusts, and focus on synchronising your motions and breath.

The Double Decker
Among the great sex positions for mutual satisfaction and intimacy includes the woman laying on top while facing away from the man. Begin by sitting in reverse cowgirl position and lay back against his chest. Take control by pressing your feet against the bed to create a sliding motion. Enjoy his warm breathing on the back of the neck and listen for his cues to slow down or speed up.

Time Bomb
Grab a chair and have him sit down. Slowly lower onto him until your feet touch the floor, reaching full penetration. Although you’re in the driver’s seat for this one, your man can get a good grip on your butt to guide your hips in rhythm. Speed up or slow down and guide each other to simultaneous orgasm.

The Ascent to Desire
This is quite the athletic sex position. Have your man pick you up into his arms while he’s standing. Holding his neck for support, lean back and work your hips as he holds onto your butt. It may not be for every couple, but it is exciting for those daring enough to try.

Have you tried tantric sex?

Better Sex Exercises

We all know why we should get off the couch and into the gym – lose weight, get fit, look better in the mirror. But how many of us really follow through? OK, so how about this for a reason – better sex!

Fitness fanatics can attest: getting fit means a hotter sex life. You’re stronger and more flexible, and have greater stamina and more confidence from looking good. Sounds great to us! Here are five exercises that are designed to improve your sex life.

Low side lunges
Lunges increase your range of motion and flexibility. Low side lunges can help you bend into some great sex positions more easily. They also target your butt, and how doesn’t want to look better naked?

To perform a low side lunge: Stand with your feet twice the width of your shoulders, your waist slightly bent. Extend your arms in front of your chest with your hands held together. Shift to your right side, keeping your left leg straight while lowering your body down on your right, so that your right leg is bearing your weight. Immediately do this movement in reverse until you are standing back up, and then repeat the motion to your left. Start with 10 reps on each side of your body and increase gradually to 20 as you become more flexible.


Kneeling hinge
This abdominal exercise strengthens your core muscles.

To perform a hinge: Kneel on the floor so that your knees are bent at a 90-degree angle to the floor and your toes pointed behind you. Keep your head, back and thighs in a straight line and lean back a few with your arms extended in front of you. Go slow and do not overextend yourself. Hold this position for three seconds before returning to the original 90-degree angle position. Start with five reps and gradually increase to 10.


Seated leg extensions
The thigh muscles quickly succumb to fatigue during sex, which can increase discomfort and the amount of time you can devote to sex. Strengthening these muscles will allow you to enjoy sex for a longer period of time and hold positions much longer.

To perform a seated leg extension: Sit with your back straight and your knees at a 90-degree angle in a chair that does not wobble or swivel. Slowly pick up your foot and extend your leg and immediately lower it back down. Start with one set of 10 reps for each leg and gradually increase your number of sets to three. Wear light ankle weights to add resistance.


Plié exercises strengthen your vaginal walls. Stronger vaginal muscles mean stronger contractions, which produce more intense and satisfying orgasms.

To perform a plié: Stand with your feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart. Your toes should point outward. Place your hands on your hips and bend your knees until your thighs are parallel to the floor, then push back up, with your weight focused on your heels. Move slowly when going up and down. Start with 12 reps and work your way up to 15.


Bicep curls
Strength training naturally increases the level of testosterone, which boosts your sex drive. Performing bicep curls with hand weights increases your muscle tone, eventually allowing you to support your weight for longer periods of time in athletic sex positions.

To perform a bicep curl: Stand or sit with your torso straight and your hand, holding the weight, facing outward. Keep your elbow close to your body and curl your hand upward until the weight is at shoulder level. Contract your bicep while lifting the weight. Perform 15 to 20 reps with each arm.


What are your favourite exercises that make you feel more confident?

Images: FitbieLivestrong / PrizmiVillage / Fitbie

5 Great Sex Positions For Reaching Female Orgasm

Forget faking it – you just need to master the best sex positions for female orgasm.

6 Great Sex Positions to Try Right Now

One of the best ways to heat up your love life is by trying a few great sex positions. For great sex and bigger, better orgasms, nothing beats adding a few new tricks to your repertoire. Isn’t great sex worth a little experimenting?

Here are a few hints on how to have the best sex of your life by trying out a new position or two. These “how to” tips should get your motor running in record time!

The Counter Top

We’ve all seen variations of this position in sexy movies, so why not try it yourself? You lie down on a counter or table and he enters you while standing up. This is a great sex position for both of you because he can go in deep and feel in control while you can still move around.

Doggie Style

This is a great sex position for achieving female orgasm, because the woman is free to move around for optimal control. In this position, the male can pleasure her in many ways by stimulating her G-spot and clitoris with his hand or a sex toy. The secret to giving her a mind-blowing orgasm is to provide stimulation to both areas!

Woman on Top

Another position that gives you more control—for the ultimate orgasm. This position with the woman on top while the partners face each other allows her to control the depth and motion while giving both her and her partner access to her clitoris. Guys enjoy this position because they love the view!


Again, the ladies love those positions that offer control over penetration. Spooning offers a tighter fit as well as easy access to the nerve-rich vagina and rectum. This is a great sex position for early morning lovin’!

Pillow Talk

Why not spice up the missionary position by slipping a pillow underneath your booty for an improved angle of penetration? This pelvic lift can help your partner zero in on your G-spot with his penis. How-to hints include experimenting with pillows and folded blankets to find just the perfect amount of lift.

Ankles Up

The downside of the missionary position is the lack of full penetration. You can correct that by lifting your ankles up over his shoulders or placing the soles of your feet on his chest. This lets his penis go inside you as deeply as possible and hit your G-spot for a thrilling orgasm!

Fess up: what are your favourite sex positions?

Between the sheets – Taoist sex

Exotica. Bored of the western style of lovemaking? Then why not bring a little oriental spice into the bedroom. This edition – Taoist sex…

Taoist sex pays special attention to aesthetic pleasure of lovemaking. It’s all about keeping your eyes open, making sex a visual experience as well as a tactile one. Taoist sex is often referred to as beautiful sex for beautiful people (well it makes you feel beautiful!) For example, in “The galloping horse” position the man sits down on his knees and pulls the woman (lying on her back) onto his knees. The man thrusts while holding onto her neck and foot like a bareback rider clinging to the mane and tail of a speeding horse. Another Tao technique is the kneeling rear entry position. The man can reach and stimulate her genitals with his one free hand, while supporting his weight with the other.