Loving Right Now: 3 Beauty Buys

February 7, 2014

I made a promise to myself at the beginning of the year to really lift my skincare game: no more ‘forgetting’ to take makeup off before bed, no more useless moisturisers, and no more falling asleep before brushing my teeth. Here are my three favourite beauty buys that have really improved my skincare regime.

Gatineau Melatogenine AOX Probiotic range
An award-winning anti-ageing skincare range aimed at women’s in their 30’s? Yes please! As the target demographic, I started using this on my 35th birthday, and fell in love from the first application. Why does it work so well? Gatineau has reformulated it’s MelatogenineTM range with added AOX Probiotics.  The addition of AOX Probiotics and natural fruit and plant fibres helps firm the skin by improving elasticity and shielding it from damaging environmental factors.


The Youth Activating Beauty Serum, $150, slips on like silk, and brightens the skin for an all-day glow. It’s the first serum that I really see the value in using. The Essential Skin Corrector, $160, has a gorgeous texture, melting into the skin and immediately diminishing wrinkles and pores. It’s also improved my skin’s fir mess in just a few weeks of use. The other product I love is the Essential Eye Corrector, $98, which has softened my crow’s feet and makes me look more awake.


Yes, this is a luxury product with a luxury price tag, but the way I see it, prevention is better than cure. Using quality skincare now will prevent the need for fillers or Botox for many decades to come.


Dermalogica Pre-Cleanse Wipes
I’ve been reading a lot about pre-cleansing, and it makes sense. The usual slap-dash cleansing or exfoliating isn’t enough to dislodge dirt, clogged pores and makes, so these wipes are a great product to use before hopping in the shower. It allows your favourite cleanser to really get a deep clean. I always travel with these wipes in my handbag now – they’re ideal for overnight or weekend trips when you don’t want to lug every item of skincare you own.


Oral-B Black Power Toothbrush
Brighter, whiter teeth are definitely one of my beauty goals for 2014. It’s hard to get really excited about a power toothbrush, until you try the Oral-B Black Power Toothbrush with Wireless SmartGuid. I actually look forward to waking up and brushing my teeth now! The clean is unbelievable, just like a dentist clean without the scary dentist – or bill!

There are six different brushing modes, including deep clean, gum care, sensitive and tongue cleaning. Plus it comes with a stack of toothbrush heads so you can share them with your family or keep a few in reserve – it takes up so much less space on the bathroom vanity!

What new skincare products are you loving right now?

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