Enjoy Low Calorie Treats This Easter

Claudia Wood

With Easter just around the corner, it’s so easy to be tempted by all the chocolates lining the supermarket shelves. There’s caramel, strawberry and cream eggs galore, not to mention the bunnies and hollow eggs that you ate for breakfast on Easter Sunday as a child.

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Unfortunately, those memories are long gone and we seriously need to consider the sugar, fat and calorie content of treats before tucking in. Binging over Easter can take your body goals off target, as well as adding to your sugar and cholesterol levels and making you feel a bit awful.

Luckily, there are still some little treats that you can indulge in that won’t shoot your calories through the roof, and we’ve sought out the most delicious low calorie Easter chocolate.

2x Cadbury Mini Caramel Eggs = 100 Calories

It may not seem like many, but it will allow you to get rid of that caramel craving quick smart. Two little eggs is just enough to taste the chocolate, but not quite enough to add the unwanted weight. It’s a perfect balance.

low calorie, easter, chocolates

1x Cadbury Creme Egg = 172 Calories

The classic Creme egg is a favourite around Easter time. With that deliciously creamy-caramel filling all encased in a Cadbury chocolate egg, it’s a delicious cheat snack for you to indulge in.

low calorie, easter, chocolates

Malteser MaltEaster Bunny = 159 Calories

With a crunchy, malty inside, the Malteser bunny is a delicious alternative that keeps your calories in check, but allows a bit of sugary goodness.

low calorie, easter, chocolates

Half a box of Cadbury Mini Eggs = 110 Calories

If you have the self control, a little box of Cadbury mini eggs is over two hundred calories. Stop at half the box and leave the rest for another time. Two chocolate cravings sorted in one tiny box.

low calorie, easter, chocolates

4x Kinder Mini Eggs = 116 Calories

Relatively new to the shelves, Kinder Mini Eggs are filled with a delicious hazelnut filling. Four little eggs will hit that craving sweet spot.

low calorie, easter, chocolates

Kinder Surprise = 111 Calories

Feed your inner child with a Kinder Surprise egg. Even though it’s available all year round, it is often overlooked and passed up for family sized blocks of chocolate. Bring back childhood memories, crack open the egg and see which toy is inside.

low calorie, easter, chocolates

Images via skinnyopinion.com, voidlive.com, chocolatebuttons.co.uk, france-export-fv.com and revolvingfloor.com