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Luke Nguyen’s Rice Paper Rolls For The Clinique Super Food, Super Skin Dinner Parties

Luke Nguyen’s Rice Paper Rolls For The Clinique Super Food, Super Skin Dinner Parties

Soft Rice Paper Rolls with Green Mango, Asparagus and Enoki Mushrooms

Watch Luke make these soft rice paper rolls here!

1.5 sheets of 22 cm (81/2 in) rice paper

2 perilla leaves

2 round mint leaves

5 g shredded iceberg lettuce

5 g rice vermicelli noodles

20 g shaved green mango

10cm length green spring onion

Pinch of fried shallots

½ asparagus spear, (cut lengthways) blanched

4 enoki mushrooms

Nuoc cham dipping sauce (see below)

1. To assemble the rolls, cut 6 pieces of rice paper in half. Fill a large bowl with warm water and dip 1 whole sheet of rice paper in the water then lay it flat on a plate. Dip a half sheet of rice paper in the water and lay it vertically in the middle of the round sheet. This will strengthen the roll, preventing the filling breaking through.

2. In the middle of the rice paper, place 2 perilla leaves horizontal line approximately 4 cm (1½ in) from the top. Below the perilla add some round mint, lettuce, vermicelli, green mango, spring onion & fried shallots.

3. To form the roll, first fold the sides into the centre over the filling, then the bottom of the paper up and over.

4. Roll from bottom to top to form a tight roll and just before you complete the roll add asparagus & enoki mushroom so that it sticks out at one end.

5. Serve with Nuoc cham dipping sauce.

Nuoc Cham

3 tablespoons fish sauce

3 tablespoons white vinegar

125 ml young coconut juice

2 tablespoons sugar

2 garlic cloves, chopped

1 bird’s eye chilli, thinly sliced

2 tablespoons lime juice

Combine the fish sauce, vinegar, sugar and coconut juice in a saucepan and place over medium heat.

Stir well and cook until just before boiling point is reached, then remove from the heat and allow to cool.

To serve, add the garlic and chilli, then stir in the lime juice.

Store tightly sealed in a jar in the fridge, for up to 5 days.

This makes 250 ml.

Clinique’s Super Food, Super Skin Dinner Parties are being held in Sydney and Melbourne this November! Celebrity chef and Masterchef favourite, Luke Nguyen (Red Lantern) and the ‘healthy chef’ and nutrition expert, Teresa Cutter, have partnered to create a gourmet degustation menu, designed to enrich both skin quality and make the body glow from the inside out.

Aside from the culinary delights, the night will be hosted by Aussie beauty, Sarah Wilson, with DJ Dan Rowntree on the decks. All ladies in attendance will also walk away with a skin-tastic goodie bag valued at over $140, which contains a full sized High Lengths Mascara, Turnaround Concentrate Visible Skin Renewer and Vitamin C Lip Smoothie.


When: Wednesday 24th November at 7pm

Where: The newly opened Doltone House, Darling Island Wharf

48 Pirrama Road, Pyrmont


When: Tuesday November 30th at 7pm

Where: Zinc, Federation Square
Cost: Tickets are just $75 and are available through Ticketek-

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