MAC Just Released A Troll Doll Inspired Line, And It’s Everything

July 28, 2016

So much nostalgia.

Whenever MAC releases a new collection, beauty lovers around the world go into a frenzy, especially when it’s as nostalgic their latest line, the MAC x Troll Doll collection.

As a 90s kid myself, I remember collecting trolls vividly. I wore them on necklaces, hung them on my school backpack as keychains, and constantly braided their stiff neon hair. Back then we got as excited about troll dolls as kids (and adults) get about Pokemon Go today. Fast-forward 20 years, and you’ll still find them in my handbag, only this time around in the shape of a bright orange lipstick and pink powder.

The MAC x Troll Doll collection is as fun and bold as you’d expect it to be, however, don’t let that fool you into thinking it will have to stay in your drawer until Mardi Gras. When we tried the lip glosses, lipsticks, eyeshadows, and powders, we were pleasantly surprised by their subtleness and wearability.

The glosses are sheer, leaving only a hint of color on your kisser, while the yellow and orange eyeshadows are more flattering than you’d expect. The glitter and pigment might be better suited for a night out, but hey – who are we to judge a glittery eye at work?

Even just looking at the fun packaging of the products puts a smile on my face. The full collection is available online today and will hit stores next week. Here’s what to expect…



Can’t be Tamed sheer lime yellow (creme sheen), Sushi Kiss mid-tone coral cream (satin), Dance Off Pants Off frosted hot pink (frost), and Midnight Troll rich blue (matte).

Pigment and Glitter



Fuchsia fine fuchsia glitter, Chartreuse frosted chartreuse green, Reflects Transparent Teal very fine reflective teal glitter and Reflects Purple Duo very fine reflective violet glitter.

Beauty Powder


Play it Proper pastel soft pink w/ sparkles and Glow Rida iridescent powder matched in Beauty Powder, Beige.



Silly Vanilly white w/ very fine silver glitter (satin), Suns Out, Buns Out mustard yellow w/ pearl (veluxe pearl), Paradisco bright pinky-coral w/ pearl (frost), Atlantic Blue cobalt blue (matte) and Black Tied black w/ silver sparkle (velvet).



Saint Germain light cool pink, Twerkquoise transparent sky blue w/ fine pink reflect, Bubble Butt magenta w/ fine pink and blue glitter and Glitter Grunge sheer berry w/ extra fine silver sparkle.

Chroma Craze and Brush


Good Luck Locks bubblegum pink, Tease and Thank You bright cobalt blue and 187SH Duo Fibre Face Brush.

Images via beautyalmanac.com.

Comment: Have you tried the MAC Trolls collection? What do you think?


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