MAC Released Color-Changing Lip Oils And OMG We Want Them All

Nadine Dilong

They’re like mood rings for your lips.

Giving us just the right amount of 90s nostalgia, cult makeup brand, MAC have just released what is quite possibly their most inventive – and soon-to-be highly addictive – product ever: color-changing lip oils.

It’s safe to say we’re just a little bit obsessed with MAC cosmetics, so every time a new product is released, the excitement in the office peaks. After holy-grail releases like the Basic Bitch Palette and MAC lip kits, this one might just become the latest must-have in our ever-growing makeup collection. 

The MAC Hint of Color Lip Oil comes in four translucent shades and promises to deeply hydrate and nourish lips thanks to essential oils, while also being lightweight and non-sticky.

But the real X-factor of these glosses is their magical ability to go on sheer before reacting to your body temperature and changing color. This chameleon technology could leave you with anything from a sheer pink or peach to a deep burgundy, depending on how hot you are when applying these bad boys.

Looking at Instagram pictures of a few lucky women who already managed to get their hands on the lip oils, the result is nothing short of stunning.

Unfortunately, the MAC Hint of Color Lip Oils are only available in Asia at the moment, but we have a feeling the cosmetics juggernaut might just be convinced to sell them in more countries soon, based on the online hype the oils are already experiencing. If not, we might just have to plan a trip to Asia, stat.

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