Mad Men Step-By-Step Styling Guide

November 11, 2010

Mad Men step-by-step styling guide

The Peyton List French roll

Part hair off centre, then brush back (maintaining the part) towards the nape of your neck. Pull hair together into a ponytail, then twist the ponytail right to the end. Holding your ponytail up, slide Lady Jayne bobby pins into the left side before folding over the remaining twist back down over the Lady Jayne bobby pins. Roll the hair in towards the first twist and then secure with more Lady Jayne bobby pins. Hold the look by spraying the French roll with hairspray.

The January Jones bob

Flip hair upside down and spray hair from underneath with hairspray to add some volume. Then gently comb hair back. Hold a small section of the top of the hair; spray the back of this section with more hairspray and pin this section with a Lady Jayne bobby pin on each side to create a mini-quiff. Dampen the ends of your hair, then secure Lady Jayne extra large self hold rollers in small sections at the ends of the hair – making sure to roll outwards to get an upwards flick. Blow dry the curls, spray with hairspray and then remove the rollers. Voila!

The Christina Hendricks updo

This is a killer 50s look that looks great on hair of any length. Start this look with damp hair. Leaving the fringe or front section of your hair out, roll all remaining hair in Lady Jayne foam rollers. Start dividing hair into small sections at the nape of your neck and work upwards. Once all Lady Jayne foam rollers are secured, lightly spray with hairspray and blow dry to reinforce the style. Then simply remove the rollers and spray with a little more hairspray. Blow dry the fringe towards one side and you’re done!

All styles work best after using a volumising shampoo. Use a good spray of
hairspray to maintain these sultry Mad Men inspired 50s looks throughout the day or night!

Essential Tools:

Lady Jayne Ceramic Radial Brush, RRP $22.99

Lady Jayne Bobby Pins Pk of 25 (blonde, brown and black) RRP $2.79

Lady Jayne Self Hold Rollers, Pk of 6 RRP $8.46

Lady Jayne Foam Rollers, Pk of 10, RRP $7.69

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