Madonna Escapes Charges After Exposing Teen’s Breast

March 20, 2016

Am I wrong in sensing just a hint of double standards here?

Madonna’s found herself embroiled in controversy after she ‘accidentally’ exposed a 17 year-old girl’s breast during her show in Brisbane, Australia, on Thursday night.

As part of her Rebel Heart World Tour, the 57 year-old singer has been inviting fans and other celebrities on stage to be part of her Unapologetic Bitch performance, however things turned sour when she took things a little too far with Brisbane teen and aspiring model Josephine Georgiou.

After asking the fan to join her on stage, Madonna spoke to the attentive audience about why she’d chosen Georgiou.

“She’s the kind of girl you just want to slap… on the ass. And pull –” the singer said, before yanking down on the teen’s top and exposing her left breast.

When Georgiou instantly tugged up her shirt, Madge quickly tried to make amends via an apology and a hug.

“Oh shit! I’m sorry. Sexual harassment. You can do the same to me.”

The event was caught on video and has since gone viral, with fans, media and authorities from around the world declaring the pop star should now be charged with sexual assault of a minor. Yet Georgiou has made a point to set the record straight after speaking to Brisbane Courier Mail and asking people to understand that, in her eyes, the incident was “no big deal”.

“Only I get to decide if I’m humiliated or not … Why would people assume I am humiliated by my own breast, nipple or body? I didn’t realize my boob was such a big deal – it was nothing to me.”

Despite this statement, Australian lawyers have been reaching out to Georgiou.

“Seriously, why would I sue Madonna for the best moment of my life?” said the 17 year-old.

“People just need to understand I was on stage in front of Madonna, I was looking her in the eyes and most people would just melt into a pool on stage.”

Accident or not, and regardless of whether the teen feels comfortable with the exposure, should Madonna have really been saying or doing those things initially?

Even before Madge pulled own the minor’s top, what she was saying was absolutely inappropriate. It’s sexist language such as this that subconsciously teaches the next generation (aka young women like Georgiou) that women are born to be sexualized and objectified.

Madonna is a role model to many, including her own 19 year-old daughter, Lourdes, so is that the reason no charges have been pressed? Are we supposed to let this one slide because both of the participants are women and they felt comfortable with the situation? Just imagine the uproar that would have occurred if Madonna was replaced by a male celebrity, or have we all suddenly forgotten the JT and Janet Jackson incident?

While we’re glad the Brisbane teen has left the concert unscarred, once again it looks to be another double standard between the genders in the entertainment industry. We only hope Madonna can learn from the experience and lift her game.

Comment: Is everybody making too much of a big deal about this, or should Madonna be held accountable?


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