Madonna’s marriage advice

June 14, 2005

Madonna’s marriage advice

Madonna believes she has the secret to a happy marriage ? put your man first. “Until you get married you get your own way. Then you suddenly have to think of somebody else before you make decisions. That’s putting your ego in check.” Mrs Ritchie has been married to her husband Guy for 4 years and also believes their different characters add to their success. “We are opposites,” Madge says of her movie director husband. “I’m very scheduled. I make lists. I stick to the plan. Guy is Mr Spontaneous.”

Brad believes his marriage was a success
Speaking of marriage, Brad Pitt has labelled his 7-year coupling with Jennifer Aniston as a success, despite ending in divorce. He told W, “I know that if a marriage doesn’t fit a certain idea, it’s looked upon as a failure. But I see mine as a total success. My God, man. Jen is such an influence on my life. We made it for seven years – that’s five years more than I made it with anyone else.” Despite reports of the contrary, he still loves Jennifer more than any other woman, saying, “We’ve been able to keep the love that we have for each other in front [of everything else].” So get back together already!

Jordan?s baby boy
Peter Andre?s wife Jordan has given birth to a baby boy. Apparently the English star and her Australian husband are both ?thrilled? and both she and the currently unnamed arrival are “healthy and happy?. “Both Peter and Katie are thrilled with the new addition to their family,” a spokeswoman said. “Katie and the baby are healthy and happy, and will be spending the next few days resting in hospital. Peter and Katie would like to thank everyone for their messages of congratulations and best wishes.” Katie Price, known as Jordan to her fans, is largely well known in the UK as one of the most popular page three models.

Tom’s ready to propose

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