Make 2015 A Fresh Start

January 13, 2015
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Want to make a fresh start in 2015? Eat Fit Food celebrity nutritionist, Jaime Rose Fronzek, shares her tips on how to shed those excess Christmas holiday kilos, get into shape and create a healthy 2015.

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1. Don’t stop eating the turkey

Lean meats such as turkey are an excellent source of protein to help satisfy our appetite and can even improve our mood. Don’t save them just for Christmas, use them throughout the year included in main meals and snacks like turkey meatballs, turkey bolognese, as well as skinless chicken, fish, seafood, lean grass-fed beef and lamb, eggs or a clean protein powder.

2. No fad diets

2014 was the year of the fad diet but these are destined for failure and don’t create healthy, long-term habits. Certainly being a little restrictive and disciplined for a short time to reboot and reset some bad old behaviours and create some new healthy ones is a great idea but if it’s too restrictive, you’ll not only be miserable but you will almost certainly gain any weight you lost back – and more.

3. Focus on nutrient-dense vs calorie-counting

Superfoods are great for this! Nutrient-dense foods are our natural, unprocessed foods such as fruits & veg, lean proteins like fish, eggs and Greek yoghurt, nuts, seeds, avocado, wholegrains like oats and quinoa. These foods are packed with nutrients including fibre, which fills us up making eating a smaller portion much easier. Aim to have a rainbow of colours in most main meals.

4. Be active every day

This is a no-brainer and should happen no matter what. But often it falls to the wayside over the silly season with holidays, trainers away and gyms closed. At the very least, a good walk, jog or swim is all you need to do to maintain some activity.

5. Have a plan

Think about what changes do you need to make and what you need to do to implement those changes. What has been successful for you to achieve great health in the past? Is it getting into an exercise routine again, maybe cutting down on the sweets and alcohol or as simple as eating regular meals and snacks.

6. Clear the junk pile

Creating a healthy environment is essential for re-booting healthy habits for 2015. Most of us have mounds of gifts and left over chocolates, puddings, cake and sweet treats in every nook and cranny of the kitchen and on our desk at work left over from the silly season. Give chocolates away or wrap up boxes of unopened treats to re-gift for later.

7. Be accountable

Keep a food diary or note book and just jot down every day what you eat, any alcohol and other fluids you have and the activity you do to start becoming mindful and conscious of your behaviours.

8. Ask for help

If you’re just not sure how to start, get a helping hand by seeing a health professional like a dietitian or organise to have delicious, gourmet healthy food delivered to you every day with a company like Eat Fit Food to get you started.

9. Eat in more than out

Eating at home more often makes it much easier to control what you eat. When you eat out there are often many hidden extras like sauces, oils, butter and sides. Do a big grocery shop and make sure you’ve got all your favourite healthy food around.

10. Do a booze fast

If you’ve overdone the booze, give your body a rest and don’t just do dry July, but also a dry January. It’s a great tool to keep calories down for weight loss too and avoiding eating junk food that we often go for when we’ve had a few drinks.

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