How To Make A Long-Distance Relationship Work Sexually

July 10, 2019

It’s actually not as hard to make a long-distance relationship work sexually as you may have thought. 

Let’s be honest.

Being in a long-distance relationship sucks for your sex life.

But going long-distance doesn’t mean your relationship, or your sex life, is over, While your S/O being miles away can make it tricky to keep the intimacy alive, it’s essential to the longevity of your love.

It might be hard to be intimate with your partner when they’re far away, but lucky for you, we’ve done our research and our sources tell us that your sex life can still be steamy if you’re in a long distance relo.

Here are just a few ways to make a long-distance relationship work sexually…

Set clear boundaries before you go long-distance

The key to making your long distance relationship work sexually is being clear about your expectations.

Before one of you jets off, you need to draw some boundaries. Will you be monogamous or are you free to other people?

Define emotional and sexual infidelity so there is no miscommunication that will get you into trouble later. It may be an uncomfy conversation but it’s one worth having. Your relationship will be stronger for it.

You can’t make long-distance work sexually if you don’t have a relationship.

Schedule in time to communicate

Again, the most important thing to making this work is to preserve the relationship itself.

Keeping the connection alive is the key to your long distance sex life. Learning each other’s schedules and making time to Skype and check in is essential. Be open and honest and your desires and voice any frustrations.

Keeping secrets or not confronting any issues that come up can cause a distance between you that is far more detrimental to your love than a few hundred miles.

While you’ve got them on the line, why not have some steamy skype sex. Which leads me to my next point…

Technology can be sexy – embrace it

Sex toys are your new best friends – and the perfect bed buddy to make a long-distance relationship work sexually.

Not only is it important to get off on your own, there are dozens of sex toys designed for couples who are apart.

We live in the age of remote-controlled vibrators. This means that your partner can give you an orgasm without even being in the same room. Thank the orgasm Gods for technology!

Go forth and explore the sweet, sweet vibrations of long-distance couples play. Your sex life (and partner) will thank you for it.

long distance relationship work sexually


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Get your sext on

If you are just starting out in the world of long-distance love and video sex seems intimidating, sexting is a fabulous first step.

Start by sending flirty messages and slowly turn up the heat as you get more confident. It’s intimate without being intimidating.

Oh, and make sure you’re sending your steamy SMS to the right person. Triple check. It seems silly but there’s nothing more embarrassing than sending a sext to your Dad. Literally nothing.

Masturbate at the same time

Go ahead and queue up a mutual masturbation sesh.

Now, this might be a little awkward at first but breaking through that tension together is going to be worth it. This is another way you can be intimate with each other without physically being right there.

Getting off at the same time is the closest you’ll be to getting it on – so why not give it a try?

DIY erotic fiction

Technology is a godsend and can make a long-distance relationship work sexually, but be careful not to get into a rut. It’s easy to rely on technology and start using Skype as a crutch for your relationship. Keeping things old school is equal parts raunchy and romantic.

Writing your partner a letter filled with your lustiest desires is sure to be worth the wait (and the postage stamp). It might even be the first time your partner has gotten a sexy letter in the mail, as an added bonus.

Make the most of your time together

When you finally get to see each other, make the most of it.

There’s going to be pent up tension and the anticipation is going to be bubbling. Ten bucks says you won’t make it through that romantic dinner you planned.

If you want to jump straight into bed with your S/O when you see them, go for it. There’s no shame in taking care of business right off the bat.

Who knows, you might be able to concentrate through dinner if you get it out of your system…but then again, maybe not.

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