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Easy Aloe Vera Fruit Juice Recipe

Easy Aloe Vera Fruit Juice Recipe

Aloe vera is a miracle plant and is often cited as a great healing property, with benefits for your skin, digestion, energy and immunity. It is rich in vitamins B12, C and E and is most commonly found in skin products or ointments. However, like most natural ingredients, the best way to get the goodness out of aloe vera is to eat it!

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You might see aloe vera juices in your local supermarket, but these bottled drinks often contain sugar and artificial ingredients that aren’t particularly healthy. To avoid consuming these nasty additives, here is a recipe that is easy to make at home.

Aloe vera is a hardy plant and can flourish in any conditions. For this reason, they make great house plants. If you don’t have your own plant, you may be able to find large aloe vera leaves on sale at fresh produce markets. However, it is cheap, easy and beneficial in the long term to have your own plant around – so why not try growing it yourself?


1 large, ripe aloe vera leaf (approx. 5 inches or 10-15cm length)

5 servings of seasonal fruit (you can use your favorite fruit, but we recommend using whatever is in season, whether that is apples, oranges, or melons. My personal favorite is pineapple!) Alternatively, you could use 3 cups of juice – but it’s not as healthy as that real thing!


1. Cut a thick, green aloe vera leaf. It should be close to the root of the plant, and the tip might be a little bit dry. If the bottom of the leaf is white or yellow, discard this part. Similarly, chop off and discard the tip.

2. You want to remove the gel from the inside of the leaf. To do this, using a serrated knife, slice or “peel” off the spiny edges on the outside of the leaf. Alternatively, you could use a fruit or vegetable peeler. Then, slice or peel the skin off the outer side of the leaf. Using a teaspoon, scoop out the gel. Make sure all the gel you are using is mostly clear. Don’t dig too close to the skin where the gel is yellow – you only want the plump, juicy gel in the center.

3. Place gel in a blender with your fruit or fruit juice and blend until gel is mixed nicely with the other ingredients.


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