How To Make A Fabulous Flatlay For Instagram Sensation

June 23, 2015
How To Make A Fabulous Flatlay

There’s no denying that a good flatlay is a must-have for any Instagram account. It’s a cute way to organise some of your favourite products, haul some new purchases, or simply show-off some of your favourite things!

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So, if you want to learn the tricks of the trade and gain instant followers, follow our guide below.


A flatlay isn’t complete without some good natural lighting. Make sure the shutters are open the the sun is shining through. Don’t leave it to the end of the day since it gets dark around 5pm, especially around winter!

How To Make A Fabulous Flatlay


Make sure the surface you are using is bright and clean – this goes without saying! It doesn’t always need to be white (although it helps) and can be anything from your desk at work to the kitchen counter.

How To Make A Fabulous Flatlay


Make sure there’s some space between the items in the image. You can then choose whether or not you want to have each object straight, on an angle, or even curved over to the side.

How To Make A Fabulous Flatlay

Find a theme that resonates with your feed and stick to it. The Instagram app can also help you create a straight picture by using the grid – easy!


Some people love filters and others prefer the au natural way of taking an Instagram snap. If you’re the latter, simply sharpen up the image to make the little details stand out. This feature leaves the image #filterfree but also makes it look more professional, even though you might be shooting on an iPhone 4.

How To Make A Fabulous Flatlay


You can choose to have the image already cropped to size using the square feature on your phone, or zoom in at a specific resolution later on in the process. It’s not always easy to capture the perfect snap in one take, but make sure to snap a few different images so you have lots of variety to choose from.

How To Make A Fabulous Flatlay

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