This Is How You Make Greasy Hair Work When Washing Is Not An Option

May 8, 2017

This will save you a lot of time.

Greasy hair is the bane of my life. I can’t go more than two days without washing my hair as it will literally look like I’ve just done a two-hour pump class if it’s anything more than 48 hours away from being squeaky clean.

But washing your mane every other day can actually do more harm than good; stripping it of its natural protective oils and in turn paradoxically promoting increased oil production as your scalp tries to compensate, and greater likelihood of breakages from all the friction caused by regular washing.

So in order to give my hair a break, I have to change my hairstyle routine and rely on inventive ways to deal with my greasy locks for at least one more day before breaking out the shampoo again. Thankfully, Mob Hair salon director, Tarryn Cherniayeff has plenty of pro tips for successfully dealing with this hairy issue.

“One of the most frequently asked questions I get in the salon is, “What can I do to my hair when it’s at the dreaded day three stage, and I need it to look fresh?”,” reveals the hair pro. Here’s what Cherniayeff tells her clients…

1. Curls get the girls

Adding curls and texture to your hair will give it body and volume, which is perfect for hiding that ‘day three’ greasy look.

“I suggest adding some Kevin.Murphy Doo.Over spray to the roots and mid lengths, which will dry up excess oils giving you that fresh straight-out-the-salon look,” recommends Cherniayeff.

Avoid dry shampoo when styling this look though, as it can clog up the scalp, and is often a dead giveaway your hair is greasy. Instead, reach for a dry texture spray.

2. Style your hair in a ‘messy’ up-do

Believe it or not, up dos actually work best on dirty hair. Simply grab some texture spray, add it to your roots, brush through, and then tie it back into a messy top knot – very on trend.

“For a messy pony, sprinkle texture powder into your roots and then lightly tease the roots, pull back into a pony and then proceed to tease the pony tail itself,” says Cherniayeff.

3. Braids are your friend

Braids work best on wet hair or hair with oily product, so are a great option if your hair is already naturally on the oily side. There will also be less wispy bits, and the overall result will be much neater by making it a greasy hair go-to style.

“Pull the braids directly behind your hairs and braid down. Then, gently pull apart the braids themselves to get that high fashion exaggerated braid look,” explains Cherniayeff.

For a work-friendly look, you can also pull your hair back into a bun, and braid up into the bun itself.

4. Greasy fringe SOS

This tip is for those emergency fringe moments when you’re out and about and catch that dreaded glimpse of yourself in the Ladies Room mirror sporting limp, oily bangs.

“Run your fringe under water over the basin, then duck your head under a hand dryer or let it dry off. Take the remainder of your hair, and pull it back into a sleek low bun. People will only notice your ‘washed’ fresh fringe and assume you have put product in that sleek ‘dewy’ bun,” says Cherniayeff.


5. The Distraction

It’s a great thing accessories are on trend right now, as they are one of the ultimate grease factor distractors.

“Put a few gold hair ties in your hair and let the compliments roll in,” advises Cherniayeff.

No one will notice your dirty mop; instead they’ll be blinded by your on-point hair bling.

Images via tumblr.com, Tarryn Cherniayeff and pinterest.com.

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