Make The Move: Is Moving Overseas For You?

August 30, 2015

It’s in our nature to dream of travel, to live a life filled with excitement and adventure, but sometimes to live these dreams we need to step outside of our comfort zones and board a plane to a faraway place.

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But should you make the move? We’re not all cut out for traipsing across the globe to find a home away from home, but if you are, then the world is your oyster – literally! To help you figure out if moving overseas is for you, ask yourself these simple questions:

Are you independent?

Living overseas is never going to work if you rely too heavily on other people. Confidence is usually a good indication of independence and goes hand-in-hand with being able to look after yourself. If you’re comfortable asking for directions or boldly walking into a business and asking if they have any jobs available, then there’s a good chance you’re cut out for living in a foreign country.

Do you have a good sense of direction?

Reading a map, or operating a functional GPS is a must! There’s no point settling down in a foreign place if you can’t tell your lefts from your rights or figure out which direction the train station is. Navigating foreign cities and towns can be difficult, but is also essential if you’re going to cut it in the big bad world.

Can you handle spending time away from your loved ones?

Moving away from home can be lonely at the best of times, especially when your mum and dad are on the other side of the world! If you’re prone to homesickness or can’t go a day without a hug from your bestie, moving overseas might not be for you. If you’re more of a phone call type of girl, however, you might just be able to cut it in the big apple (so to speak).

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Can you, if need be, live out of a box?

It’s hard to settle down when you’re constantly chasing the next adventure. If you’re only lusting after an exotic life, then you might want to take a holiday instead. If, however, you’re in it for the long haul, pack your suitcase and jump on the next flight – you’re moving overseas! Uprooting your life is a prerequisite for living an adventurous life in new and exciting locations. If you can handle this, you can handle anything.

Are you accepting of other cultures?

If you aren’t open to adopting, or at least accepting, other people’s way of life, then you might not be cut out for living overseas. America and England may be English-speaking countries, but they’re still wildly different to Australia. Likewise, if you move to southeast Asia, or Europe you’re bound to run into a few cultural differences. Embrace these differences with open hands and you’ll fit in in no time, reject them and you’ll very quickly find yourself on a plane home.

What’s the verdict? Are you ready to make the move?

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