How To Make New Habits Stick

January 9, 2015
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We all want to live happier, healthier lives, but making changes is not always easy. Do you find it hard to even remember about that new habit you wanted to create, let alone stick with it? Here are some tips that will help.

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Know why you want to change

Why is this new habit important to you? What will you gain? What old pains will you leave behind? Get really clear about it, because your ‘why’ is what will keep you going when it gets hard. The more you want the end result, the more likely you are to do what you need to do to get it.

Know what gets in the way

If you can’t drag yourself to the gym because you’re too tired and you’re too tired because you go to bed too late every night, then you probably need to address your sleep habits first. Once you feel energised, you might find that your issues with exercise magically resolve and even if they don’t, going to the gym will take a lot less effort. That’s exactly what happened to me – after focusing on sleep for just one week, I found myself getting up at 6 am in the morning to go to the gym and enjoying it!

Plan for your new habit

How are you going to remember to do the thing that you want to do? You can put it to your diary or attach it to something you’re already doing. For example, if your goal is to drink more water, you can add an image of water to your phone, so every time you look at it, you’re reminded to take a sip.

Engage the people around you

Ask someone to hold you accountable. My children make great accountability buddies because they’re excite to help and I care what they think. I want to be a good role model for them, which means that when I say I’m committing to something, I want to them to see that I’m following through. You can also ask your partner, a friend or even hire a coach or a personal trainer for additional motivation.

Don’t give up!

If you accidentally forget about your new habit or skip a day because you’re feeling flat, it doesn’t mean you’re hopeless and can’t do it. All of us have bad days. Be gentle on yourself and just pick it up again as soon as you can. When you persist, you’ll eventually reach a point when your new habit becomes automatic and you may even feel that something is missing in your day without it.

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