Make Peace With Yoga


Ok, so you’ve tried a walk through the nearby garden, made yourself a cup of herbal tea and tried enjoying it on your terrace with a view of falling leaves. You’ve also talked to a friend and intensively googled DIY techniques to relax. You’ve also given sleep a chance or two. But nothing seems to work. Have you tired making peace with you soul lately? Let yoga do that for you.

Believe me when I say it works. I have seen it do wonders for me.

Soon after my return from Afghanistan last year, where I had been on a war reporting fellowship, I realised that while I had gained something professionally, I had lost some, too, personally. My soul was bruised from the misery I had witnessed and the agony I had seen the local people go through. Their pain concealed from the eyes of the world, to which the only way to peek into the sore country is five minutes of media reports.

Every night, I would close my eyes to return to images of mutilated men and women and underfed, underdressed children trembling in cold, most not making it through the night. That is when I knew I needed some magic, and tried this phenomenal thing called yoga.

Over thousands of years, yogis have been trying to find an answer to this spiritual mystery, but all they have found is peace and so did I.

Apart from the established health benefits of everyday yoga, this practice is a great way to mediate and cleanse one’s inner self, by aligning one’s chakras (seven energy points in the body that should be aligned in a 90 degree angle from the head to the backbone) that are mostly disturbed, unknowingly affecting the entire way we think, process and react to situations.

Man has articulately developed a cage around him and trapped himself inside it, oblivious of the damages it is doing to his natural freedom. He has created each cage rod with the lust of money, sex and power. He is stuck and desperate to set himself free. It is important to revive the butterfly inside us, and trust me yoga can do that for us.

The biggest freedom is to smile and not think about what brought it. Can you smile without giving it a thought as you read this and then feel good about it knowing you did not have a reason to do it? Can you start your day without the ‘fear of the unknown’ that might take moments like these away? If your answer is no, the question is what have you been waiting for? Just remember:

  • It won’t cost you anything but the benefits are valuable.
  • You don’t need to have any religious affiliation or formal registration with an instructor to begin your yoga sessions. You just need 30 minutes of your day.
  • You don’t have to be an expert. You can start at home and begin with simple yoga positions, or called asanas, that should not last more than 30 minutes to begin with. The timings can be increased by 10 minutes every week, taking it to an hour and then keeping it that way.
  • Always treat your body tenderly and never push yourself more than what you can take. The first few weeks will add flexibility to your body, especially the back. You just have to be committed to yourself and the strength will come itself. I promise you’ll feel the ‘lightness’ in your soul the very first day.
  • Using a yoga mat is preferable, but if you don’t have one, you can also start using a thin mat/rug on a flat, non-slippery floor. And, don’t forget to download some mediation music for free.

Since practicing yoga, I have not only learned to be more relaxed and happy, I have also miraculously learned to manage my anger issues. I have less back pains than before and I sleep like a baby. Coupled with the will, you don’t have an idea what gift you are about to present to your body and soul. And the next time you smile without a reason, thank me.

Stay tuned for more on the magic of yoga, simple positions and how to mediate for each chakra. Till then, stay happy and start warming up.

By Ayesha Hasan