How to Make Perfect Ice Cream

December 23, 2013

Thinking of making your own ice cream this summer? Lawrence Harris, creator of Harry’s Ice Cream, shares his tips for making the best homemade ice cream and how to come up with a winning flavour combination every time.

Lawrence knows a thing or two about creating delectable ice cream flavour combinations – Passionfruit Pavlova, Sticky Date Pudding and Raspberry Cheesecake are currently on the production line in his artisan ice cream factory in Brunswick, Victoria. While there is no winning formula to creating delicious ice cream flavour combinations, Lawrence recommends following these simple rules of thumb.

1. Keep it simple
Keep it simple with a maximum of three additions; you want to be able to taste each element.

2. Beware the sweetness
If you’re adding a very sweet mix-in such as white chocolate or honeycomb, consider reducing the amount of sugar in the base mix to ensure the end product isn’t overly sweet.

3. Complimentary flavours
Think about each flavour on a plate and consider if they complement each other – match flavours that have a natural affinity to each other or reflect an existing dessert that works well.

4. Ice ice baby 
The freezer bowl you’re using should be completely frozen before starting the process – put it in the freezer for 24 hours prior.

5. Size matters
Mix-in ingredients and flavours should be no larger than a 10 cent piece.

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