How To Make A Plane Ride Comfortable

May 9, 2014
Travel, airplane fashion, style, overseas

You’re next trip overseas is not far away, you’ve got your bag packed, your cutest bikini, denim shorts and party dress, but have you thought about what to wear on the plane?  Knowing what to avoid can be crucial when travelling, you are already on a cramped aircraft, lacking legroom and privacy, the addition of restrictive clothing makes the experience just that much more uncomfortable.

Travel, airplane fashion, style, overseas

Here are some fabulous tips to make you feel like you are a first class traveller:

Comfortable shoes

Ladies, I know we all love the idea of high heels, they make our legs look longer as well as slimmer and when on holidays you want to feel great, but in this case it’s not the time. Wait until you indulge on that luxury dinner to show the world how sexy you are. The plane ride is all about comfort, get on your slip on shoes or even some flat boots, the bulkier the better imagine the suitcase space for all your new clothes!

Breathable fabrics

It may seem glamorous to wear your leather pants or skinny jeans to show off your toned legs you have been working for to look great in your swimsuit, but believe me you will regret it. Throw on some loose-fitting clothes with natural fibers such as cotton and you can thank yourself later. You may not look your sexiest for the photo in front of the departure gate, but when it comes time for a nap you will be happy you ditched the tights.

Cover yourself

Without sounding clique, too many people think about the destination rather than the journey. Europe is such a magical place but remember you have a stop over before you get there. Avoid any offensive clothing, slogan t-shirts or mini shorts. Women commonly forget that a top without sleeves can be seen as disrespectful. So layer up! Bring a cardigan in your carry on bag, it will not only dodge inappropriateness, but when the air conditioning on the plane gets to that freezing point half way through the flight and those thin pieces of fabric the airlines call ‘blankets’ don’t help, you will have a jacket on hand to help you stay warm.

Most importantly, sit back, relax and enjoy the trip!

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By Amy Miller

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