How to Make the Most of Your Money?

July 16, 2002

Spend wisely, save steadily and manage your money like a mogul! Find out more top tips for making the most of singledom, in Sue?s great book Get On With It.You have a good relationship with your bank account if you:

  • Regularly transfer money into a locked savings account.


  • Distribute your money to your needs first, and your wants second.


  • Plan and budget in advance when you want to make purchases.



  • Address money drains as soon as they become apparent ? e.g. unreliable car, huge mobile phone bills, excessive clothes

You may need a financial overhaul if you:

  • Regularly spend more than $50 on drinks in one night.


  • Find that you?re always counting down to payday.


  • Make more than one or two impulse purchases a week.


  • Make expensive purchases when you know you can?t afford them.


  • Plan and budget in advance when you want to make purchases.


  • Spend over $10 a day on lunches.


  • Find you buy a lot of stuff you don?t use


  • Rely on your credit card as a source of cash flow


  • Shop till you drop every payday.

from Get On With It the sassy new book for independent single women by Sue Ostler (Allen & Unwin). Learn to love your own life, develop your career, take control of your finances and enjoy everything you want!

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