Make Your Own Herbal Teas

May 11, 2011

Make Your Own Herbal Teas

If you grow your own herbal teas, you’ll suddenly discover another world, one in which chamomile tastes of flowers and sunlight and lemon verbena is sweeter and more subtle than lemongrass. A home blend of fresh herbs for teas also makes an excellent present for more discriminating friends. If their coffee pot is a favoured possession, just wave a fresh pot of your own brew under their noses.

Try these terrific herbal combinations when making your own tea infusions:

Ginger and lemongrass — a gentle, soothing tea, relaxing before you go to bed, but also a good tea to drink during the day while you work to help keep you de-stressed but alert.

Lemon verbena and hibiscus flowers — a naturally sweet tea.

True peppermint by itself or with a little lemon verbena — a very good after-dinner tea for improved digestion; also excellent when you have a cold.

Cinnamon bark, fennel seeds and dried grated orange rind — a good after-dinner tea.

Lemongrass and dried grated orange peel — a lovely tea to have with breakfast.

What are your favourite teas? Have you made your own herbal tea?

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