Make your Own Home Movies into DVDs

February 24, 2004

Make your own home movies into DVDs

Got that wedding video of your collecting dust in the cupboard? Even though you haven?t watched it since you came home from your honeymoon, you would still be devastated if anything happened to it wouldn?t you? You want your kids to see how fabulous you looked that day and to prove that you were young and gorgeous one day, don?t you? Well now there is a solution for you to protect those home videos for generations!! YesDVD enables you to transfer those old videos to DVDs so you can watch your memories on TV at the highest quality forever! The quality wont ever fade on DVD so you can preserve your favourite memories for a lifetime of fun

Want to see just the good bits of your video?? Save time and stop boring your friends through Uncle Leo?s 30 minute speech, YesDVD comes with a scene index so you can find your favourite scenes easily and quickly. So forget cumbersome fast forwarding and rewinding with your memories on YesDVD. YesDVD can even edit your video to cut out those embarrassing scenes you would rather forget too.

YesDVD is an easy and affordable way to keep those precious memories in perfect quality for years and years. For only $59.95 you can have 2 hours of video transferred to DVD by YesDVD. Click here for more information


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