Makeup Emergencies – How to Cope

May 28, 2002

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You’re running late and while you’re hurrying you discover dry patches of skin after applying your foundation and then you whack your brow bone with the mascara wand. What to do? Well, don’t panic. Here are some make-up emergency tricks that will save your day:


If you hate dry patches as much as we do then you will heave a big sigh

of relief once you read our insightful tips. Make-up artist Ina from Ciao Bella in Sydney says, ‘Dry patches are easy to sort out. All you have to do is mix the foundation with a little moisturizer to give it more slip.’ But you are running really late so you are not going to have time to re-do your make-up are you? Here are several ways to fix this make-up emergency without doing a complete re-do:

Take a small amount of moisturizer and use that to blend out the heavier patches. Never rub the moisturizer into the dry patches, just pat it over the problem areas.Try blending over the foundation with a creamy compact foundation. A cheap version of creamy foundation is a must-have investment because it will not only save dry patchy skin but tidy up shadows and lipstick and help blend heavy blusher.


Never clean a mascara mistake up straight away. Resist the temptation and allow it to completely dry. Once it is dry you will literally be able to lift the dried chunk of mascara off without damaging your make-up job. Another excellent tidy tool for mascara is to dip a cotton bud in your foundation, remove the excess and use the bud as an “eraser”. The moisture of the foundation will pick the mascara off much more easily. If your mascara has gone into five lovely spikes instead of a luscious fringe, then do your lashes one eye at a time and when wet, brush through with a dry mascara brush.

Blush Blow-out

There is nothing worse than a bad blush problem. However this is easier to fix than it looks claims Ina. Just:

  • Simply, use your foundation to blend away the blush problem
  • You could also use a cream foundation compact to blend away excess blusher
  • If you have used a powder or want a more matte finish, use additional powder on a powder puff or a piece of cotton wool to blend the excess way.Prepare for a gold rush

    Here is some solid fashion information that you have to take very seriously. Prada started it then Matthew Williamson followed with their spring/summer collections. Think gold – major gold. Lots of designers showcased gold-whether it was a gold blouse, gold pants or gold shoes, it was everywhere. So, start searching vintage shops for “that great gold something” and be a step ahead of the fashion pack. If you don’t want to add gold to your wardrobe then add it to your eyes. This season gold was used alone on the face, not upstaged by vivid lip colours or vibrant blushes. It was literally applied to the eyelids or more subtly along the lashline accompanied by just a natural glow and a slick of black mascara. Our must-buy product is Chanel’s gold eye make-up. Available at David Jones and Myer nationally.


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