Which Makeup Products Should You be Splurging on?

March 10, 2014

For those of you who, like me, aren’t aspiring makeup artists with more eye shadow palettes and lipsticks than you know what to do with, the department store makeup counters can be overwhelming. Should you be coughing up for a fabulous red lippie and picking up a no-name foundation? Or is it the other way around? Follow these makeup tips to find out the top 5 products to invest in:

If your skin looks flawless, everything else becomes obsolete. As the product that covers the largest area and provides the base for all your other bits and pieces, foundation is the number one product to splurge on.
It’s vital to have a foundation that perfectly matches you skin tone, so have the department store makeup consultant test it on your face before you purchase. A foundation match made in heaven is worth its weight in gold.

Eyelash Curler

This one might seem like an odd inclusion, but a good eyelash curler will last you the better part of a decade! I’m all for the gimmicky drugstore mascaras that promise you (unattainably) thick and luscious lashes, because there is little difference between the cheap and high-end mascaras. Instead, purchasing a high-end curler that has a more ergonomic design and won’t pinch your eyelids like the cheaper ones do is a solid investment. A better curler will require fewer squeezes, which means less likelihood of breaking or pulling our your eyelashes. The humble eyelash curler is a beauty must-have and my personal secret weapon.

Red Lipstick
Red lipstick is an addiction. If you’re a chronic wearer, a quality red lipstick can be your style trademark. Regardless, at least one high-end lipstick should be in every woman’s beauty box. For fleeting colour trends, always buy cheaper brands, or for lip colours you are unfamiliar with.
Hot tip: MAC has the most beautifully pigmented lipsticks in a wide range of colours, and their Russian Red lipstick is pure perfection.

Makeup Brushes
Makeup artists have been telling us for years that good and hardy makeup brushes are a must. To have your makeup look professionally applied, you need to use professional makeup tools! Effective use of a makeup brush can make a cheaper foundation look far more polished and presentable. Make sure to buy super soft brushes and to clean them—they can last a decade if you take care of them properly.

Eye Shadow Primer and Eyeliner

Forget paying $40 for a single eye shadow by an expensive brand. Eye shadow primer is the product to spend big on. Regardless of how pigmented, crumbly or long lasting your eye shadows are, using a great primer beneath them will ensure the colour stays just as you applied it.

For regular eyeliner users, a quality product will make all the difference. If you love the pencils, the cheaper ones tend to smudge easily or fade, and the colour is never as powerful. There is a smaller difference in quality with liquid liners, but the high-end liners don’t dry out as quickly, and the finely pointed ones are less likely to fray and give you an even control.

The trick is to spend more on products that you wear everyday, instead of the other way around. Don’t waste $50 on a spectacular waterproof eyeliner if you only indulge for weddings and high school reunions. The same goes for foundations—if you rarely wear it, it might be best to splurge on a great concealer instead.

What is the product you can’t help but splurge on?

By Elizabeth Rowe

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