Makeup For Sick Days

May 14, 2014
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There’s just something therapeutic about applying makeup when you’re feeling under the weather. Despite being stuck indoors with nothing to do, taking it slow and applying some makeup can really lift your spirits, even if your body is aching. Here are some simple makeup suggestions for those sick days we all experience thanks to the winter chill.

Curl your lashes

Mascara can work wonders to give the illusion of bigger eyes, but this may not be the case when you’re feeling sick. Give this step a miss if you suffer from watery eyes, as it might cause more harm than good. Instead, curl your eyelashes and apply a clear mascara that will make you look and feel better throughout the day.

Apply a serum

Cleanse your face and apply a face serum or day moisturiser to heal any sick skin. Serums are a fantastic investment since they are effective in correcting skin tone, and balancing out redness, regardless of which skin type you might have.

Use a clay mask

Clay or deep cleansing masks are rich in fatty acids which help to target skin ageing and smoothing out skin tone. Perfect if you have the time, to relax and apply a mask on your face, neck and chest. Relax and let the mask absorb into the skin, then wash off after 10 minutes with lukewarm water. Using these masks weekly helps to rejuvenate the skin and give you a moment to relax and de-stress.


If you need to head out, concealer can be your best friend by hiding those sleepless nights hugging the tissue box. Apply the formula with your fingers, and lightly dab under the eyes to push the concealer into the skin, making it look natural and healthy.

Highlighter for dewy skin

Apply a highlighter to the very top of the cheek and brow bone, to avoid looking pale. No need for foundation, just apply a small amount with your fingers and let it settle into the skin for a dewy finish.

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By Felicia Sapountzis

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