5 Reasons You Need A Beauty Blender

July 29, 2014

Ever heard of a Beauty Blender before? These small, and often tear-shaped sponges are used to achieve a flawless foundation, and conceal problem areas without a hefty price-tag. Invented by Hollywood makeup artist Rea Ann Silva, the Beauty Blender will cut your time in half and leave your skin looking flawless every single time.


Rather than using your fingers to apply makeup, a Beauty Blender is a clean and sanitary way to create a natural makeup look. Simply wash the sponge with soapy water every time you use it, then remove all of the water and put out to dry. This will ensure that the sponge doesn’t contain any dry product for the next time you choose to use it. There is also a specialised cleanser available if you want to achieve a deep clean.

Flawless application

Beauty Blender’s ensure that makeup is applied evenly and flawlessly along the face. The trick is to soak the sponge in water first, and then ring some of the water out before using it. The soft, dense sponge is also rounded at one end to ensure that there are no harsh lines left on the face, and will buff makeup into the skin without any noticeable lines. At this stage, the sponge will expand to twice it’s size,  then simply dab the Beauty Blender onto your face to achieve a high or medium coverage look. The sponge is designed to be used when it’s damp – otherwise application won’t look natural and the foundation will just cling to dry patches on the skin.


Perfect to bring along if you’re travelling or living out of a suit case, and don’t have enough space for a variety of makeup brushes, the Beauty Blender is easy to pack and doesn’t require any additional products. Simply dry properly before packing away to avoid a wet suitcase.

Conceals everything

If you have sensitive skin, scarring, or embarrassing breakouts that you want to conceal with makeup, the Beauty Blender will help to achieve a high coverage finish. Every time you dab the sponge onto the skin, this will allow the foundation to buff smoothly into problem areas with a natural finish. The pointy end of the sponge is used to conceal tricky areas of the face, including small spots, around the eyes, and on the surface of the nose.

Use on other products

Did you know the Beauty Blender can also be used to apply other makeup products? Cream blush, highlight and illuminator can all be applied using the Beauty Blender, and will really limit the amount of brushes you require in your makeup kit. Simply smile and dab a small amount of product on the sponge, before buffing into the skin. The Beauty Blender is designed to limit the amount of product you put on your face, so it won’t leave your skin feeling over-clogged with unnecessary makeup after every application.

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Image via Amelia Liana

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