5 Tips For A Smoky Eye

July 16, 2014

A smokey eye is one of the most flattering makeup looks since it is easy to recreate, and compliments every single eye-shape. Creating a wonderfully blended out smokey eye all comes down to using the correct tools, and identifying shadows which compliment your eyes the best. If you’re having trouble with your own makeup, try the following tips to achieve a stunning look every time.


Using the correct brushes on your face will make a large difference. For a classic smokey eye, you only need 4 brushes which will create a sultry look. They include: a mid-sized crease brush, a flat shader brush, a pencil brush for the tearduct and fluffy brush to blend it all out. If you’re only a beginner, stick to thicker brushes as these require less attention and will blend out colours smoothly into the crease.

Blend, blend, blend

Many times a smokey eye look can turn into a disaster not because of the quality of makeup, but because the look wasn’t blended very well. Blending is extremely important since it removes any harsh makeup lines and allows the colours to mix together organically. A fluffy brush is used to blend these harsh lines and will make a world of difference to your makeup look.

We recommend: Sigma E40 Tapered Blending Brush, $17

Use a highlight

Using a highlight on the face creates the illusion of pronounced cheekbones, plumper lips and a slimmer face, but it works to brighten up the entire eye area. Simply use your preferred highlight on the top of the cheeks, tip of the nose and on the browbone which evens out the dark eye makeup.


If you suffer from oily eyelids or just find it difficult to keep your makeup on without re-applying, you may want to use a good quality primer. The primer will create a smooth base which will make it easier to apply shadow on the lid. This will also prevent any unwanted creases and won’t result in panda eyes the next morning.

Eyeshadow colours

Invest in a palette which has a large selection of similar colours. This is important when working on a smokey eye since you’ll be needing a black eyeshadow, navy, grey, a few browns and a white to create a signature look.

We recommend: Chi Chi Glamourous Eyes Palette – Bronze, $22.95

Image via Makeup Geek

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