7 Waterproof Makeup Tips

August 28, 2014

Keeping your makeup looking flawless during summer isn’t always easy – especially because of the extra heat and humidity. Sometimes it’s easier to switch up your current makeup regime for specialised products which are sweat-proof, heat-proof and stay in place for longer. Below are seven tips to help your makeup last during the warmer weather.

Layer your mascara

Use two different mascaras to set your lashes in place all day long. Firstly, apply a thin coat of your regular mascara, then the waterproof mascara right after. This method will also prevent panda eyes due to humidity.

Waterproof concealer

If you want to hide those imperfections, try using a waterproof face and body concealer. Dermablend have a variety of correcting concealers which are designed for the water and warmer weather. Apply a thin coat on your problem areas, then wait for it to set before heading out into the water.

Avoid primer

Before applying your foundation, leave out the primer if you’re heading out to the beach or pool. Waterproof foundation doesn’t require a primer – it will only have your makeup trickling down your face and neck.

Set your makeup

To keep your makeup looking clean and fresh, secure it with a setting spray. Keep your mascara from clumping by setting your makeup before applying lashings of mascara.

Less is more

Don’t pile on your makeup in hopes that it will stay on longer. Less is more, especially in the warmer months where pores are larger and breakouts are just around the corner. Apply concealer to your problem areas such as pimples or dark under-eye circles by dabbing the product in with your fingers.

Baby oil

Mix a few drops of baby oil into your foundation before applying onto your face. This will allow your makeup to last longer throughout the day or night, without the risk of creasing on the under-eye area. If you suffer from oily skin, don’t forget to set the foundation with a translucent powder to avoid extra oily patches.


Since waterproof makeup blocks the pores from reacting with products on the surface of the skin, it’s important to let your skin breathe and renew itself. Use a light exfoliating masque on your skin to remove dead skin cells, take off every inch of makeup, and moisturise to keep it looking and feeling hydrated.

Image via Mark Leibowitz

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