DIY Gel Eye Liner

July 21, 2014

Apart from being one of the makeup essentials you need in your kit, gel eye liner is a great way to take your makeup look from day to night. Rather than spending unless time online or in stores looking for the perfect match, why not create your own at home.

While a simple way to create your own gel eyeliner is by using Vaseline and a black liner pencil, this recipe is for those who want to avoid using petroleum jelly in their makeup. Follow these easy instructions for a personalised product which is also cost-effective and gentle on sensitive skin.


2 tsp coconut oil

4 tsp aloe vera gel

1 tsp cocoa powder (to make brown eyeliner)


  1. Add all of the ingredients into a small bowl, and mix well until you develop a soft paste.
  2. Then transfer the mixture into an air-tight container and store in a cool, dry place. The product will usually last a few weeks before it begins to harden.


  • Use a clean brush every time you dip into the mixture – this will avoid the spread of bacteria.
  • Dip a clean eyelash brush into the mixture and use on both top and bottom lashes for flawless mascara.
  • To achieve a dark black colour, simply substitute the cocoa powder and use a generic black eyeshadow which has been softened in the microwave. Then mix in with the coconut oil and aloe vera gel before applying onto the eyes.

Image via The Beauty Pier

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