Makeup Tips for Your Eye Shape

March 19, 2014
Eye Shape Makeup Tip

No matter how many YouTube makeup tutorials you watch, or how many times you attempt a look, sometimes you just can’t make it work. Understanding the shape of your eyes will transform the way you think about makeup, and will allow you to identify which trends and makeup styles will accentuate your features or detract from them. Find your eye shape and follow these makeup tips to look your very best with what you’ve got!

Wide Set

Wide set eyes are perhaps the most versatile in terms of applying makeup. By sculpting or filling in thicker eyebrows, your eyes will appear closer together. The general makeup rule is to use a darker lid colour on the inner corner of your eyes, and blend it outwards. This creates an emphasis on the inner corner and your eyes will look narrower.

Celebrities with wide set eyes: Kate Moss, Jessica Alba, Oprah Winfrey

Close Set

The close set eye requires the opposite to the wide set, in that the makeup aim is for them to appear slightly further apart. Sweep a light colour on the inner corner, and gradually get darker as you move outwards. Only apply liner to about two thirds of your lid, leaving the inner third bare. A winged eyeliner further elongates the illusion., as does filling out your eyebrows a little further than normal.

Celebrities with close set eyes: Jennifer Aniston, Sarah Jessica Parker, Rachel Bilson

Deep Set

For those of you with deep set eyes, your eyebrows often appear to make a hood over them. For this reason, the aim of the makeup game is to open your eyes up with light colours, as they bring the eyes forward and illuminate them. You are able to use eyeliner on both top and bottom, to accentuate the shape of the eye, and always curl your eyelashes and apply multiple coats of black mascara.

Celebrities with deep set eyes: Taylor Swift, Kim Kardashian, Miranda Kerr


Otherwise known as ‘bulging’ eyes, prominence can be diminished with a few makeup tricks. Luckily, a smokey eye look is one of the best ways for big eyes to appear smaller, so start with your darkest eyeshadow on your lash line and blend upwards with gradually lighter colours, finishing with highlighter on your brow bone. This brings the brow forward aesthetically, so your eye will look as though it has receded. False lashes are also recommended in place of liner, as they will also give the receding illusion.

Celebrities with prominent eyes: Nicole Richie, Mila Kunis, Katy Perry


Without much of an eyelid, hooded lid beauties have a slightly tougher time with eye makeup. The aim of the game is to have them appear more defined and feature more prominently on your face, so always use a neutral shade of eyeshadow to open them up. Apply it to the inside corner of your eye, and also to your brow bone. The thicker and darker your lashes are, the more pronounced your eyes will be, so curl and coat til you can curl and coat no more!

Celebrities with hooded eyes: Blake Lively, Nicole Kidman, Selena Gomez

Do you have a secret makeup tip you use for your eye shape?

“by Elizabeth Rowe”

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