Makeup Tips For Sensitive Eyes

August 8, 2014

Anyone with sensitive eyes knows that it’s difficult to apply makeup without resulting in tears. Switch up your technique to keep makeup looking fresh and youthful without the painful application included. Abide by the following makeup tips to achieve a flawless (and pain-free) look in seconds.

Mascara technique

When applying mascara, don’t hold the wand on a vertical angle. Anyone with sensitive eyes knows that this method only scrapes into the eye, causing a large volume of pain for the individual. Instead work the mascara on the horizontal and from root to tip to achieve a voluminous result. Avoid clumps by cleaning the wand when there is just too much product lurking around.


Don’t you hate when mascara or eyeliner leaks into your eye? What a pain it is to remove! You’ll want to avoid lining the waterline since this can cause infection if your eyes are supersensitive to the ingredients found in a product. Instead, use a blending brush and add some colour to the bottom lash line for a smokey look.

Au naturel

Similarly, leave the bottom lashes mascara-free. Unless you are using a bottom lash mascara, leave out this step since the brush can also rub against the delicate eye area. Avoid applying makeup onto areas which are extremely close to the inner corner of the eye – especially if your skin is prone to break out in rash or inflammation.

Under-eye concealer

To hide those nasty dark circles, use an under-eye concealer which cancels out these darker tones. Rather than using a foundation brush, take your ring finger and pat product into the skin. This is a gentle way to achieve a flawless finish after every application.

Avoid fibre-lash mascara

Fibre-lash mascara is amazing at lengthening those lashes, but can also get stuck in your eyes. Super-thin white fibres often get stuck on the wand, which makes it difficult to remove each time you apply the product. Stick to conventional mascara instead.

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