How To Transform Your Makeup From Greasy To Glam In Seconds

December 11, 2015

Four simple steps is all it takes…

Christmas is fast approaching, and with that comes fun, festivities, and a helluva lot of of seasonal parties. While this brings thoughts of merriment and anticipation, it can also be a total drag to finish work on a Friday evening, look in the mirror, and discover your makeup has melted into an oil slick, and you’re supposed to be making an appearance at your SO’s work bash in an hour.

Fortunately, there is hope. According to MAC senior makeup artist, Carol Mackie, with a few simple tricks, you can turn your office face from greasy to glam in minutes, using only what you have in your handbag…

1. Fix it


“Taking your makeup from day to play in a flash is easy, with the right products,” says Mackie, who recommends keeping a setting spray on hand to set and freshen up your makeup.

“For an instant party wake-up call, simply spritz your face with a setting spray like MAC Prep and Prime Fix. This adds instant hydration and will smooth out your existing foundation.”

2. Get cheeky


To take your neutral office look to evening glam in seconds, simply dab some cream blush on lips and cheeks. You’ll look instantly fresher and more vibrant.

“I’d recommend MAC Casual Colour in Weekend Getaway,” says Mackie.

“Just remember, lightly on the cheeks and luscious on the lips!”

3. Pump it up


To cut down on time and handbag space, invest in a multitasking mascara that’ll take you from day to night in seconds.

“Load up your lashes with MAC Haught and Naughty two-in-one Mascara – Haught for day and Naughty for night.” recommends Mackie.

This genius product has two openings; a smaller one that will collect less product for daytime wear, and a larger opening for pumping up the volume come party time.

4. Get glowing


Just before you run out the door, sweep on an illuminating bronzer to add instant freshness to your complexion.

To create a more evening worthy look, apply additional bronzer in the hollow of your cheekbones, across your temples and just beneath your jawline for a more contoured, glam finish that’s selfie-ready.


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