Making A Murderer’s Steven Avery Is Getting Married

September 25, 2016

“I am very happy to announce that Steven Avery asked me to marry him today.”

Fans of the crazy-popular Netflix doco-series Making A Murderer will know Steven Avery hasn’t exactly had luck on his side for most of his life.

First wrongfully convicted of rape when he was 22, then exonerated via DNA evidence 18 years later, only to be found guilty of the murder of photographer, Teresa Halbach, just two years later despite a distinct lack of evidence and rampant suggestions of crime scene tampering, Avery has now spent more than half of his 53 year-old life behind bars and exhausted all his appeals for release (unless his new lawyer comes through on her claim of having discovered new evidence to acquit him). He’s also lost two serious relationships while in prison; most recently breaking it off with 73 year-old retired lab researcher, Sandy Greenman, who left the MAM star in January this year after having supported him since his 2006 imprisonment.

But it seems things may finally be looking up for Avery, who recently announced he has plans to tie the knot with new partner, 53 year-old legal secretary, Lynn Hartman.

The couple’s news comes just eight months after they began dating via phone and mail correspondence, and only a single in-person meeting, according to Avery’s lawyer, Kathleen Zellner.

“Steven deserves every bit of happiness that comes his way,” Zellner recently told PEOPLE.

“He is very much in love and happy with Lynn so we are happy for them.”

Greenman, who appeared in Making A Murderer, recently parted ways with Avery due to 'religious differences'.
Greenman, who appeared in Making A Murderer, recently parted ways with Avery due to ‘religious differences’ in January.

Hartman confirmed the news in her latest Facebook post on the official Avery/Dassey Fund group page.

‘I am very happy to announce that Steven Avery asked me to marry him today, and I accepted. It has been a difficult road getting to this point in our lives but we are very happy,’ the 53 year-old posted.

‘Despite all obstacles, and Steven’s wrongful conviction and incarceration, we plan to be married shortly after he is released.’

Avery’s friend, Curtis Busse, also recently took to Facebook to set the record straight about his relationship with Hartman, saying ‘Steven asks that you respect his future wife and respect their relationship.’

However a wedding ceremony is currently looking unlikely, with Avery still facing life behind bars for the 2005 murder of Halbach, despite ongoing petitions from MAM fans who say he’s been wrongfully convicted.

Avery’s nephew, 26 year-old Brendan Dassey, who was also convicted to life in prison for assisting in Halbach’s murder after investigators recorded an – *extremely questionable* – confession from him at age 16, recently had his conviction overturned by a judge due to compelling evidence his 2005 confession was coerced and not admissible due to the fact it took place without a guardian present. However the overturned conviction was appealed by Wisconsin Attorney General Brad Schimel in mid-September, which means Dassey may also be facing a life behind bars alongside his uncle.

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