Is Your Man a Groomzilla?

March 3, 2014

By now you’ve probably heard that Kanye West is taking over all the wedding planning for the upcoming Kimye wedding, and apparently – he’s not the only Groomzilla out there!

According to research, 19 per cent of men have taken on the sacred responsibility of choosing the bride’s dress. One study has even shown that 46 per cent of men that have admitted to fighting for their choice of ceremony site!

Bridal coach Rachael Bentick blames the explosion of wedding day budgets as the driving force behind this new breed of groom. With the average wedding costing close to $50,000 the once docile groom-to-be is becoming over-involved and far more demanding in the planning process (sound familiar?).

Rachel shares her 5 tell-tale signs that you have a Groomzilla on your hands.

He pushes every supplier for the best price
Everybody loves a bargain. But when your man is having a Mexican standoff with the reception venue manager over a reduced tea and coffee service, you know that he has taken wedding day haggling to the next level.

He has created a wedding page on Pinterest
If your Groomzilla has disappeared for the evening, no longer is it safe to assume he has snuck off to watch the game with his mates. In reality, he will be hidden for hours in the confines of his office, pinning and plotting weird and wonderful ideas for his perfect day.

He has booked grooming and manscaping appointments…before booking your honeymoon
Once strictly bridal turf, nail salons, spas and massage parlors all over the country are being invaded by rough and ready grooms. Instead of preparing for the big day with a boys’ weekend at the Gold Coast, your groom-to-be is busy penciling detoxes, waxes and facials into his wedding calendar.

He has spent more on his tux than the bridesmaids dresses
This is the year of the Groomzilla so expect your future hubby to splash out on his wedding day attire (because of course, everyone’s anticipating his big reveal above all else). Make sure he doesn’t blow the budget on top hates and tail suits though – your bridesmaids won’t be impressed when they have to BYO dresses.

RSVPs being sent to his email, not hers
You don’t have a say if Great Aunt Mildred gets invited to the wedding? Chances are you have a Groomzilla on your hands. Even more of a sure sign is when you discover that certain family members have been mysteriously directed to the wrong wedding venue.

Rachael Bentick is Director of Inligthen Photography, a multi-award winning wedding photography agency. Visit www.inlighten.com.au.

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