The ‘Man’cation Just Got Serious

October 1, 2014
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The ‘Man’cation has carved an acceptable place in the Australian travel vernacular, but Aussie blokes are also now adding their stamp on wellness with the “Brotreat” becoming increasingly popular according to Australia’s leading health and wellness authority, Golden Door Health Retreat & Spa Elysia.

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“We have experienced a surge in men enquiring and attending retreats with their mates and to answer the increased interest and demand, we have developed more specific male retreats to cater to a range of health and wellness issues that face Australian men,” general manager of Golden Door Australia, Brigid Walsh, explains.

“Before now, men especially seemed to struggle with the retreat concept; waiting until a crisis forced them to consciously put their health and wellness above other aspects of their life. But men’s wellness is a rapidly growing aspect of our business which we believe is being led by men recognizing and accepting that taking time out, focusing on themselves and learning new ways to cope as a healthy preventative measure that assists them in managing busy, stressful and at times – overwhelming lives.”

Partnering with unique wellness consultancy Sunshine on Legs, which specialises in assisting people to achieve a sustainable life balance, Golden Door’s Men’s Wellness Retreat provides an opportune environment for men to focus on themselves and their own health; motivating them to rethink the masculine ideologies that many men were raised with.

Sunshine on Legs co-founder and renowned men’s wellness expert David Ball says: “The emphasis on what it means to be a male can often conflict with health maintaining behaviours such as seeking advice about health and wellbeing, utilising health services and taking a break for ‘me-time’ when it is required.” 

As opposed to the quintessential blokes getaway where it’s common – if not expected – for men to overindulge in activities that can be detrimental to wellbeing, a health retreat is a sanctuary where digital devices, alcohol, caffeine, junk food and late nights are off the menu.

“The advantage of coming to The Golden Door is that it gives male guests an opportunity to remove themselves from their daily stresses, step out of their current situation and make it possible to view life from a different perspective which can stimulate rebalance, revival and refocus,” David says.

David Ball’s men’s wellness retreat is held regularly at The Golden Door Health Retreat & Spa Elysia and focuses on giving men the tools needed to achieve a life balance and become effective leaders of themselves, their work and their families.

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