March beauty

March 20, 2006

1. Johnson & Johnson Holiday Skin Body Lotion
As the days get cooler and the sun travels further away, we all look in desperation at our fading summer tans and wonder how we can preserve them a little longer. Fortunately, Johnson and Johnson have come up with Holiday Skin which is a moisturiser with a little bit of self tan in it to help build a light, golden skin tone. It smells just like summer and is now available in normal to darker skin tones, perfect for girls who have tanned to a crisp this summer. Just be careful to spread on evenly to avoid those ugly fake tan streaks on your legs. RRP from $6.99

2. Nivea for Men Moisturising Shaving Gel
One for the boys. Nivea for Men are celebrating 25 years this year and has updated its formulas and look. Your man will love the addition of the Moisturising Shaving Gel. It’s an ultra rich gel that moisturises and protects while he shaves. The addition of Ultra Glide Technology ensures skin is protected against cuts and irritations. With such a formula, his shave is closer resulting in softer skin. RRP $5.85

3. SkinVitals Cloth Treatment Masks
SkinVitals Cloth Treatment Masks has a bright fresh smell, invigorates the appearance of your skin. There are a variety of different versions for purifying, reviving, soothing and energising as well as specialist treatments for brightening and lifting eyes. The C-Brighten is infused with Vitamin C ,Ginger and Licorice. It is convenient and revitalising ? great when you?re on the go and your face needs a quick mini facial. RRP Single 25ml – $3.95

4. Dove Deodorant
It?s not something that you?d really think about but apparently our underarm skin is quite delicate and shaving causes skin tissue damage. Up to 20% of what we shave is actually our underarm skin, resulting in the area feeling raw, sore and irritated. Fortunately, Dove has ? moisturising cream in their deodorants as well, so the damaged skin can be quickly replenished as soon as we hop out of the shower. RRP from $3.49

5. Napoleon Perdis Light Patrol Luminizer Palette
There are five fabulous shades in the one handbag handy compact that is ideal for perking up tired, lacklustre skin. The colours are gorgeous and diverse – Gold, Silver, Bronze, Pink Ice and Rose. Great Napoleon quality with Aloe Vera, Vitamins A and E and SPF 8. RRP $70

6. Elizabeth Arden Sheer Lights Illuminating Pen
This is great to use for blemishes and dark under eye circles. It provides good light coverage and has a great colour which stays well and applies smoothly. For the product, it?s a good price. RRP $32

7. Jessica Custom Nail Polish
Great nailpolish for parties but don?t expect it to last for weeks on end unless you have lathered on a few generous coats of this one. Bold and bright colours are a feature of this range of nail polishes.
RRP $10.95

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