March book reviews

March 2, 2005

March book reviews

Self help…
Why boys don?t talk and why it matters
Why girls talk and what they?re really saying
Susan Morris Schaffer & Linda Perlman Gordon
McGraw Hill
Between them, they make a formidable team. Susan Morris Shaffer is an American nationally acclaimed gender equity specialist and educator, and Linda Perlman Gordon is a clinical social worker and graduate of the Family Therapy Practice Centre. But probably what makes these two most qualified is that between them they are mothers of two daughters and two sons who were adolescents not so long ago. They have written these two books in an attempt to help the millions of confused parents who have teenage children and are at a loss of how to communicate with them. Their sons speak through monosyllabic grunts while their daughters have more emotional highs and lows than a rollercoaster. The authors give quite an academic analysis of the reasons behind teenagers behaviour, however the reasons are peppered with real life examples of American teenagers and their parents.

Nice Girls Don?t Get the Corner Office
Dr Lois P. Frankel
Warner Books

Ever wondered why you?ve been stuck in the same job for the past two years and that new person has waltzed in and scored a promotion in the first six months? According to Dr Lois P. Frankel, it may be because you?re not playing the business game right. By decorating your office like your living room, working through lunch or obediently following instructions you may be sabotaging your career and may indeed never get where you want. She has outlined 101 career mistakes that women routinely make which potentially could sabotage your career. Of course, you probably don?t need to follow the book to the letter but even taking in the general vibe could help you and your paycheque!
RRP $22.95 but only $20.66 if you buy from the SheSaid Bookshop

The Virgin
Erik Barmack
Random House

Joseph is being someone that he is not, all for the chance to be on one of the hottest new reality TV shows around. His make-believe persona of ?Jeb? has the chance to compete for the honor of being the first to be with The Virgin. Trouble is, his real personality refuses to stay hidden, making things difficult for Jeb to come up with the goods. Thrown together with equally troubled and disparate cast members, Jeb is pushed and prodded by producers of the show until the twist that does not appear so twisted for those who have seen certain recent reality dating shows…
RRP $22.95 but only $20.66 if you buy from the SheSaid Bookshop

Love Rules
Freya North
Harper Collins

This novel begins as a fairly fun, flirty novel about friends and settling down. It soon gets a lot closer to home, and you find your self questioning your own deepest beliefs. Thea Luckmore believes in love ? she refuses to settle for a man when she can?t feel that magic spark symbolising head over heals, true love. Her best friend Alice Heggarty always falls in love, or is that lust? She constantly has affairs with dashing young men only to be left nursing a broken heart. But when her final relationship ends, Alice realises it?s time to marry and who better to marry than her best male friend? Thea meanwhile meets Saul Mundy ? a man with that elusive spark who she knows is the one. But as time and their relationships progress, both women life and love isn?t as simple as they first thought. Alice starts to break those fundamental rules of love, and a discovery in Thea?s world shakes her to the core. In the game of love, who do you listen to? Your heart, your head or your best friend? A must read for all those girls who never know what to believe.

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