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Married At First Sight: The Good, Bad, Awkward And The Sad

Married At First Sight: The Good, Bad, Awkward And The Sad

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Last night, the ultimate social experiment that is Married At First Sight continued into its second episode, introducing to us two new couples and giving us a glimpse of married life for last week’s matches.

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In case you’re not familiar with the show – unlikely, with the amount of press it’s been getting – each couple has been scientifically matched by three relationship experts and a touch-screen computer that’s apparently a phycologist. Oh, and did we mention it’s a blind wedding? Yep, no one meets their significant other until they come face-to-face at the altar to say “I do.”

So, now that you’re up to speed, let’s get into it. This week we met Zoe, 25 and Alex, 29. Zoe’s a control freak who believes “women were put on this earth to rule,” while Alex is a career obsessed plumber babe who still gets his mum to do his washing. But damn he’s cute. And sweet. So sweet. So let’s forget that last part, shall we?

The next couple that we met was Michelle, 34 and James, 36. Michelle’s a communications manager who basically defines the girl next door: sweet, grounded and looking for her prince charming and white picket fence. Enter sign writer, James. Searching for “someone with good family values” and who “wants to have kids and settle down,” the poor lad said his grand plan was to be married at 30. So six years ago. He’s “still looking,” however.

On paper this match appears to be made in heaven, and interestingly upon meeting on their wedding day it was. Eyes sparkled, tears nearly fell and James forget his vows. Oh, James. Too mesmerised by his new bride, the 36-year-old admitted he was “speechless” and confessed he was “very happy – she’s gorgeous!” Love at first sight, perhaps? “He just made me feel at ease right away,” gushed Michelle. Mission status thus far: successful.

Marriage At First Sight

Unfortunately for Alex and Zoe, sparks didn’t initially fly. Maybe it was all that rain that put them out? “Apparently if it rains on your wedding day it’s a really good omen,” said Alex. Well, if the ceremony was anything to go by, we beg to differ. “Hi, what’s up!?” said Zoe as she approached Alex for the first time. What could possibly be called as the most awkward ceremony EVER, Zoe admitted he was “definitely not what I was expecting.”

Avoiding eye-contact with the 29-year-old stud for seemingly the duration of their vows, Alex started to have doubts – about himself. “I hope it’s not me she’s disappointed with.” No Alex, no it’s not. Why are you single again? Surprisingly, Zoe managed to shake off those wedding jitters and to Alex’s delight (and ours) she actually said I do. “I was scared,” she admitted. Mission status thus far: unconfirmed.

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Checking in on phase two – the honeymoon – last week’s newlyweds Lachlan, 36 and Clare, 37 admitted to sealing the deal. “We slept together,” confessed Lachlan before being silenced by his new Mrs. “Shh… Don’t tell them that!” Poor Michael, 31 partnered with Roni, 32, didn’t get so lucky, however. “We decided to go our separate ways last night and have our own room, and wait ’til we got to know each other before we worried about sharing a bed.” Is Michael in the doghouse already!?

Cracks started to show in these two relationships; Clare and Lachlan argued over the navman while driving, while Roni dropped a “date bombshell” on Michael by revealing she had been previously married. Oh the suspense! Michelle and James frolicked in the pool, talked babies and looked every part the newlyweds and interestingly Alex and Zoe finally hit off! “I definitely see some foundation… I feel really comfortable with him, like safe,” she said as they cut to a shot of her planting a kiss on his lips.

Life’s a holiday when you’re on holiday. So next week it’s back to reality when phase 3 begins and the couples move into together. Judging from the preview, shit looks like it’s about to hit the fan. Stay tuned!

Images via Popsugar and Daily Mail

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