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Married At First Sight: When Sweet Turns Sour

Married At First Sight: When Sweet Turns Sour

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This week on our favourite spot of reality TV, Married at First Sight brought us much more than we had bargained for. The previews have kept us eagerly awaiting Monday night – and let’s just say that it didn’t disappoint! The long walk down the aisle seems far far away during this week’s rollercoaster. The ‘L’ bomb was dropped; cracks started to show between resident cuties, James and Michelle, and sweet turned into sour with one of the couples leaving the show for good!

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First things first: our favourite country boy Lachie is back at the farm since storming out on Clare after a heated argument last week – curse words flew as they bickered over Clare controlling their relationship. “Have I given everything to the process? Yes. I’ve given her everything. Has she? No,” vented Lachlan; understandably annoyed at his wife for prioritising her time and activities, and we don’t blame him. “I’m not going to sit back and cop sh*t constantly – we need to take a breather.” Amen, Lachlan.

Cut to Clare teary eyed and proclaiming her love: “He should know that he is the most important thing in my life. He should know that from everything that I’ve said and from the way that I’ve acted.” Really, Clare? You spend most of your time yelling at him and poor Lachlan only wants to love you!

Next up we see Alex spending some quality time in the city with urban girl Zoe. Coming from two different worlds is proving interesting for this couple, but Alex claims that he’ll do anything to be with her. Cue our hearts melting!

After being taken aback by how small Zoe’s one bedroom apartment is, the couple is off on a cultural outing to one of Zoe’s favourite places: The National Gallery of Victoria – or as Alex calls it: “The National Garr-ley of Art.” How is he just so damn CUTE!?  Even inside the gallery the blonde-haired babe looks to be genuinely enjoying himself. “She’s opening me up to lots of new experiences and I hope I’m doing the same for her,” he says. Gush… We love you, Alex!

Meanwhile, over in Roni and Michael’s corner, things seem to be going from bad to worse. Last week we saw Roni try her hardest to make their situation work with no help from Michael – mind you, we’d be pretty hesitant too after last weeks blowup! Since having previously been married, Roni seems to feel very insecure about her relationship with Michael. What’s a couple to do? Call in the relationship expert, of course. Eeeekkk! Things are getting seriously awkies.

The relationship expert advises the couple to reignite the spark, but Michael doesn’t want a bar of it and insists that they have already skipped the fun part. Come one Michael, just try a little! As much as we hate to say it, Roni appears to be here for all the right reasons – and her husband, well…  Try to find that spark again, please!

While Roni and Michael crumble, feisty Clare is making a dash to the farm in the hope of rekindling and reconnecting with hubby Lachlan. Speaking to the car cam, Clare reveals that she doesn’t actually like fighting. Ahh, come again? You fight ALL. THE. TIME. And poor Lachie is then left to pick up the remains. Love must really conquer all, however, because Lachlan seems to forget about having to walk on eggshells and his face lights up as soon as Clare arrives. While he appreciates her making an effort, the farmer seems to have learnt a thing or two and shows Clare to her bed (the back shed) if they fight again. Good one, Lachie!

Working hard at getting their relationship back on track, Michael and Roni head out for a trivia night with friends. However, it’s not long until Roni’s outgoing nature turns a little obnoxious and Michael once again gets cold feet. Michael waves the white flag: “Just because I committed to the relationship, doesn’t mean that Roni is the perfect girl for me. I tried to make it work, but I’m not wanting to force it.” Cut to Roni hoping that Michael may see a change: “I am hopeful that Michael sees me for the beautiful woman that I am. I would like to think that there is still hope.” Tear, tear for Roni.

Back in Ferntree Gully, Zoe takes a day off work to make Alex’s favourite roast chicken dinner. But it doesn’t take long for what was meant to be a romantic evening to turn sour. After Zoe explains the fun she had being a house wife for the day, Alex does a quick 180 and gets antsy and confronts Zoe about her constant jabs at him needing a housewife. “It’s beyond a joke now, I don’t even care about dessert,” says Alex before making a dramatic exit. Poor Zoe, she was only playing coy! Why did her joke hit such a raw nerve? Unlike the other couples, not all that is damaged is lost – and when Alex finally returns, the couple talk it out and make everything better with a smooch and a hug.

What’s more, the smitten pair then take their relationship that one step further over a romantic dinner when Zoe says what we have all been waiting for… “Alex, I think I’m falling in love with you.” OMFG!! And the best bit? He says it back! Ahhhhh… We love you guys.

Meanwhile, under the advice of the relationship councillor, Michael and Roni are using “relationship cards” to get themselves talking. However, when Michael pulls the card that asks him to share what he is afraid of, he opens up to tell Roni that he doesn’t see enough in the relationship to keep it going long-term. “I can’t flick the switch and go ‘wow, i’m in love,’” he admits. A teary Roni then packs her bags and takes off her ring, while Michael chooses to switch his band to his right hand as a momento of their time together. After a parting hug, Roni then leaves for the final time and heads back to her own place. Cue violins.

Last on the agenda for episode five was the in laws. Clare and Lachlan do remarkably well and it’s smiles all round with Lachlan’s Mum saying that she has never seen him happier! Alex’s parents are a cute as a button, however grill Zoe to see if she could stand leaving the city for the burbs. To our surprise, she claims that the move was always a plan for when she had kids. Yay! James seriously gets on our nerves as he introduces Michelle to his folks – while Michelle charms and says it was lovely to meet his parents, James seems shocked as he asks: “Really? I’ve got my three month dose now.” Mhmm, now we are starting to see why you were still single, James.

And… that’s a wrap! Next week we see which couples choose to go the distance and continue their relationship. Will we be tuning in? You bet!

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