Mary-Kate returning to NYU

October 26, 2004

Mary-Kate returning to NYU

Mary-Kate before she left NY
Mary-Kate Olsen?s recent hiatus to Los Angeles only weeks into her freshman year has sparked rumours that she has relapsed into her eating disorder and is dropping out of college. The 18-year-old began college at New York University this year, only a few weeks after recovering from an eating disorder. When she left New York, fans worried the pressure of university had gotten too much for the pint size star. Editor-in-chief of US Weekly said, “For anyone who has been to college, the freshman year is stressful, and when you are Mary-Kate Olsen and having the whole world watch your behavior and what you eat was too much.” This isn?t correct though, according to Mary-Kate?s publicist Michael Pagnotta. He said Mary-Kate has been in LA on personal business and will be returning to school shortly. “Somehow there’s a suggestion that she has relapsed into an eating disorder. That’s just silly. She’s in ongoing treatment for an eating disorder with an experienced team of professionals who are available to her on both coasts,” he said. “She is working very hard at being well.”

Is she live or lipsyncing?
Ashlee’s embarassing lip sync blunder
Ashlee Simpson was a laughing stock this weekend after she got caught using pre-recorded vocals on live TV. She had already performed her hit single Pieces of Me on Saturday Night Live, and was set to perform her new song Autobiography. She was holding her microphone to her hip, when mistakenly Pieces of Me was played again, complete with vocal track. She and her band looked confused for a moment and then she awkwardly tried to dance away from the moment, before hurriedly exiting stage left. At show’s end, Simpson used her last few seconds of airtime to pass the musical buck. “I feel so bad! My band started playing the wrong song! And I didn’t know what to do!” she squealed. “I’m sorry! It’s live TV! Things happen! I’m sorry!” Later she gave another explanation: “The rehearsals were going amazing and I completely lost my voice at six o’clock that night. My dad was like, `I’m sorry but you have to sing along with the backing track. A lot of artists do that, but I was upset because I’ve never done that ever before.? For her performance at the Radio Music Awards on Monday, night, she had a painful cortisone shot in her lower back to ensure the problem wouldn?t occur again and she would be able to perform live.

How could this cutie be grumpy?!
Renee Zellweger has slammed Hugh Grant for being permanently grumpy on the set of their latest movie Bridget Jones: The Edge Of Reason. She complains, “if Hugh’s grumpy he’s going to let you know, and he has no worries about how that makes anyone else feel. But he was a lot less grumpy on this film than the last one.”… Lenny Kravitz is being sued after his blocked toilet allegedly caused ‘catastrophic’ damage to a neighbour’s apartment. Kravitz reportedly allowed ‘a commode to become blocked, clogged and congested with various materials’.

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