Mary-Kate & Sienna to star together

November 1, 2005

Mary-Kate & Sienna to star together

Sienna Miller have been urging the boho princess to take a holiday to recover from her break up with Jude Law, and she has reportedly finally agreed. She has been seen living it up in a $3,000 a night luxury resort in the exotic Maldives. According to one source, ?Sienna arrived last Friday and checked in to one of the best rooms – a water villa which stands on stilts and has a terrace that leads straight out into the ocean? She’s been getting massages every day and drinking lots of exotic cocktails. But even though she’s being pampered to within an inch of her life you can tell her emotions are still all over the place. One minute she’s ecstatic, the next she looks forlorn and lost in her thoughts.” Meanwhile, producers of her forthcoming film Factory Girls are busily casting the rest of the parts before filming begins later in the year. Mary-Kate Olsen is set to land the role of ?speed freak? Bridget Berlin in the Warhol biopic.

Sensitive Tom
Tom Cruise clearly wasn?t thinking far beyond himself recently when he announced his fianc? Katie Holmes pregnancy. His ex-wife, Nicole Kidman, wasn?t given the courtesy of a preliminary phone call about the baby; she found out the same way the rest of us did: on television. According to a friend, “She went shopping immediately after hearing the news to try and take her mind off it, but that just made things worse. She says people pointed at her, and everyone was whispering as soon as she turned her back. She’s taking it very hard.” Hopefully her rumoured new love Keith Urban will help take her mind off it.

Lindsay to stretch her acting muscles
Lindsay Lohan is set to join some Hollywood royalty in a new film about the hours preceding Robert F. Kennedy?s assassination in 1968. The film is being directed by Emilio Estevez and includes stars such as Anthony Hopkins, Demi Moore, Sharon Stone and Elijah Wood. Lindsay plays a woman who marries her boyfriend?s brother to keep him from being shipped to Vietnam, but who ends up falling in love with him. The independent film will be a mixture of fact and fiction and will go into production in LA next week.

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