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Masterclass Mondays: Bobbi Brown’s Concealer Tips

Masterclass Mondays: Bobbi Brown’s Concealer Tips

Masterclass Mondays: Bobbi Brown’s Concealer Tips

Makeup supreme Bobbi Brown believes concealer is the key to looking your best. Bobbi shares her best-ever tips on how to apply this makeup must have.

“Concealer is the only way to cover up dark under eye circles. It works by lightening the dark, thinner skin under your eyes, giving the illusion that the skin is actually the same color as the rest of your face and making you look less tired”.

Choosing concealer

• Concealer should have a yellowish tone (the only exception is if you are truly porcelain white)

• It should be just one shade lighter than your skin tone

• It should feel creamy between your fingers, and be easy to blend

• For extreme darkness under the eyes, choose a pink-based corrector concealer. Apply corrector first, then layer on your regular skin-tone-correct shade of concealer.

Applying concealer

• First apply light eye cream under the eye-it should absorb quickly and leave the skin smooth

• Use a concealer all the way up to the lash line and into the inner corners of the eyes

• Use more than you think you need and blend it into the skin, using the finger in a soft, patting motion

• To lock the concealer in place, apply pale yellow powder over the concealer

Questions and Answers

The older I get, the darker my under eye circles become. I’ve tried every eye cream imaginable, but they don’t help. Any suggestions?

A good concealer is the secret of the universe. When you find the right one it can instantly brighten your face and make you look wide-awake (my make-up bag must is a Creamy Concealer Kit)

Should I apply concealer under or over my foundation?

Concealer is the first thing I apply after cleansing and moisturising. After covering up under eye circles, you’ll often find that you don’t need as much foundation as you thought you did.

What’s the best way to cover dark circles? I’m 37 and most concealers make my fine lines stand out.

Always hydrate the skin under the eyes with a lightweight eye cream before applying concealer. This will help plump up the skin and make the concealer go on more smoothly.

I use concealer to cover my dark circles. Is that bad for my skin?

Concealer is one of my make up bag musts. When picking a concealer, look for one that is creamy and yellow toned. Steer clear of concealer that is too light, or has a pink or white tone to it. You’ll end up looking like you have a smear under your eyes. The only exception to this rule is for people with very dark circles who need more coverage-then a pink-based concealer corrector can be used under your skin tone correct concealer shade, but never alone! And never use concealer to cover blemishes. Concealer is designed to be two tones lighter than your skin tone, so this will only draw attention to your blemish.

What is your favourite concealer?

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