Masterclass Mondays: How To Apply Mineral Makeup

November 7, 2011

Mineral makeup can leave you with gorgeous, airbrushed-looking skin, but if you don’t apply it properly it can look cakey. Nude by Nature’s makeup artist Clint Dowdell Australia’s shares his tips on applying flawless mineral makeup.

1. Prime

To begin, I always advise prepping the skin with a primer, this will make skin feel vitalised and refreshed. Nude’s Undercover Airbrush Primer with Vitamin E and green Tea is the perfect way to fill pores and get a baby smooth base.

2. How much product to use?

Using the Natural Mineral Cover and Kabuki brush, dab the ends into the product so that the tips are covered and swirl the brush in the lid to get rid of excess. Now the brush is loaded, tap the base on a hard surface so the powder falls through the length of the brush rather than staying on the top section, this way, the product filters down giving faster heavier coverage as you buff.

3. Application and buffing

The best way to apply the makeup to the skin is to roll the brush over the skins surface, begin at the nose and roll out towards the cheeks in a smooth motion, this gives a more fluid application rather that dabbing the powder in one area.

After you have distributed the powder evenly you can then buff in circular motions to give an even, blended finish. If you prefer heavier coverage, load the brush with the remaining powder from the lid excess, tap and start again.

4. Contouring

Now, to contour the face, you can add some colour and glow with a contouring shade or bronzer like Nude Natural Bronzer. The same technique applies, dip, tap and roll! Try sucking in your cheeks to find your cheekbones and gently roll up towards your temples. Use the colour to shadow your cheekbones, this will give the illusion of a slimmer, more defined facial structure.

5. Set the look

To complete the look, Nude’s Natural Finishing Veil is a translucent powder which locks on makeup, diffuses lines and gives a natural radiant glow.

Tip: If you want full, luscious lashes is to sweep the veil over your eyes before applying your mascara, it helps the product stick and gives that va-va-voom finish!

The great thing about minerals is they are suitable for all skin types and can be layered to create your preferred level of impact. Whatever your style, the most important thing is to buff buff and buff! Using a soft Kabuki brush you can buff to your heart’s content whilst still being gentle on the skin.

Visit www.nudebynature.com.au for more information and to buy online.

Do you use mineral makeup?

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