Masterclass Mondays: Melt-Proof Makeup

December 5, 2011

The weather is heating up but when temperatures soar our makeup tends to look a little worse for wear. Follow these tips from Nude by Nature’s Clint Dowdell for wearing makeup on hot, sunny days and prevent a makeup meltdown!

1. Prime

To ensure your makeup is long-lasting in warm weather it is essential to begin with a good base. After your sunscreen has soaked in, apply a layer of primer is a great natural and effective primer that will result in a pore-less, flawless finish. A primer will not only create a smooth surface so your make-up coverage is even, but will give your mak-up something to latch on to so it will stay on all day. Try: Nude by Nature’s Airbrush Mineral Primer.

2. Think light and natural

You don’t pile on thick layers of clothing during winter, and the same should be said for your makeup – cakey makeup will melt right off, or worse, clog your pores. Try a natural foundation that doesn’t contain any bismuth (which tends to make the majority of wearers itchy when they sweat) and will let your skin breathe.

Tinted moisturisers are also a great option, especially one that has SPF. If you want a little more coverage, team it a mineral powder – it still won’t feel like you are wearing any makeup but your skin will look flawless! Try: Nude by Nature – The Mineral Cover.

3. Waterproof and long-staying eye makeup

Even if you’re not going to the beach or the pool, waterproof eye makeup is the smartest idea in case you perspire. Try: Nude by Nature’s natural Waterproof Mineral Eyeliner

The top summer beauty rule is to go light on the eye makeup. Look for natural hues that can take you from day to night. Apply primer on the eyelids first and your eyeshadow will last for hours.

Leave your eyeliner stick in the freezer for a few minutes before applying. Not only does it feel refreshing, but also you will be able to create a more defined line.

What’s your favourite summer makeup tip?

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