Match Your Wine To Your Take Out

June 10, 2015
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For those of us who enjoy a nice glass of red or white with our meal, but aren’t exactly the wine connoisseur, it can be hard to determine which pairs best with what dish. To take the guess work out, we’ve enlisted the help of online food delivery service Eat Now to find out a few of their top wine and food matches.

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While generally speaking white wine goes with white meat and creamy sauces, and red wine with red meat and tomato based dishes, you can mix it up with the right knowledge. So, here’s six of the most popular – and by all means the most delicious – takeaway dishes with a red and a white match for each. Suddenly a Friday night in has never looked, or tasted, so good!

Pad Thai

Match Your WIne To Your Favourite Foods

White: Pinos Gris – fresh and fruity, the red apple flavours and full texture of this wine works well with the sweet spices in a chicken or seafood Pad Thai.

Red: Tempranillo – a lighter style red that contains hints of savoury cherry and plum flavours, tempranillo will perfectly tie in with the subtle sweetness of this dish.

Green Curry

Match Your Wine To Your Favourite Foods

White: Vermentino – with its fresh and clean flavours, this particular wine does well to combat the spiciness in this dish. It’s also a great thirst quencher for when you’re in need of a palate cleanse.

Red: Shiraz – when it comes to pairing a spicy curry with a glass of red you need something that will compliment its strong flavours; a full bodied shiraz will do just the trick.


Match Your Wine To Your Favourite Foods

White: Pinot grigio – something light and not to overpowering works well with carbonara. Think fresh pear and white floral notes such as that of the pinot grigio.

Red: Merlot – the soft flavours of a merlot tastes amazing in conjunction with the cream in this dish. The earthy hints of this particular wine also pairs well with the mushrooms.

Dim Sims

Match Your Wine To Your Favourite Foods

White: Sauv blanc – this particular wine works well with a lot of foods, however it works best with fried foods! Because a sauv blanc isn’t too overpowering, it won’t clash with any of the flavours in the dim sims, whether they be steamed or fried

Red: Pinot Noir – when pairing a red with dim sims you need to be careful not to overpower its simple flavours. Therefore, opt for a medium bodied pinot, which is more fruit-forward, to create the perfect balance.

Barbecue chicken

Match Your Wine To Your Favourite Foods

White: Chardonnay – there are a lot of whites that can be enjoyed with a barbecue chicken, however a rich, citrusy glass of chardonnay will balance out that subtle smokey taste and oil.

Red: Zinfandel – another rich wine containing flavours of dark fruits, spice and licorice, it too has a subtle smokey taste which matches with the chicken.


Match Your Wine To Your Favourite Food

White: Pinot gris – whether you’re eating gourmet or picking up a cheeseburger from McDonald’s, pinot gris is a versatile wine with balanced flavours that will pair perfectly with cheese.

Red: Shiraz – it’s a general rule of thumb that red wine works best with red meat; and shiraz, with it’s full bodied flavour, works best to compliment the beef patty in the burger.

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