Matching Jack

July 30, 2010

Matching Jack

It’s so exciting to see more Australian movies in the cinemas these days. I Love You Too, Animal Kingdom and now, Matching Jack. Here’s hoping the trend continues!

Matching Jack tells the story about a couple whose son is suddenly struck down with a serious illness. At the same time, mother Marisa (Jacinda Barrett) discovers her husband David (Richard Roxburgh) has been having an affair. That’s quite something to deal with.

While her son gets used to life in hospital, Marisa tracks down her husband’s past lovers to see if they hold the key to saving the young boy’s life. While she detaches herself from her husband, she finds comfort from Connor (James Nesbitt), a fellow parent dealing with a sick son.

Surely Jacinda Barrett was separated at birth with Isla Fischer? The naturally-gorgeous redhead is perfect as Marisa – spirited, ballsy yet full of kindness. She’s definitely one to watch.

If you were a fan of the British series Cold Feet then you’ll always have a soft spot for James Nesbitt. Yes, he becomes the ‘love interest’ but it’s much more down-to-earth than Hollywood would have it. Richard “didn’t he make a great Hawke?” Roxburgh is always fantastic.

There’s enough cheese in this heart warmer to stop it turning into Lorenzo’s Gold, but the performances are so good, and the ending gently uplifting, that I’ll shrug them off.

3.5 stars out of 5

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