Matt Damon engaged

September 13, 2005

Matt Damon engaged

Matt Damon has popped the question to girlfriend Luciana Barrosa. The couple has been dating for nearly two years, and met in a Miami nightclub where single mum Luciana was working. According to his publicist, the 34-year-old actor asked his dark haired beauty to be his wife last week. Previously, Matt has dated actors such as Minnie Driver, Winona Ryder, Claire Danes, Penelope Cruz, and Eva Mendes however has said his days of dating celebrities were over. ”After watching what my poor friend Ben [Affleck] went through, I’ve seen that you can’t let your life go to hell that way.” No wedding date has yet been set.

Brad and Angelina to elope
Brad Pitt will finalise his divorce from Jennifer Aniston on October 2 but he may be ready to walk straight back down that matrimonial aisle. According to sources, he and Angelina Jolie are planning to elope very soon, and their place of choice is George Clooney?s Italian villa in Lake Como. According to US Star magazine, “Brad and Angelina are planning to marry soon. But Brad will most likely want to give his family [back in Missouri] time to get used to the idea of a new daughter-in-law.” Brad finishes filming his latest film The Assassination of Jesse James at the end of November, and according to sources he and his raven haired beauty could tie the knot anytime between then and May next year. Sources say, “George has offered his villa as a place where Brad and Angelina can be married,” a source tells Star. “And they told him they are seriously considering it.” It seems George is certainly approving of his Ocean?s Twelve co-star, sources saying: “He thinks Brad is the luckiest man around. He thinks Angelina is smart, funny and even more beautiful in the flesh.”

Charlie and Denise to renew their vows
Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen have decided to re-new their love for each other and are planning a low-key, oceanside recommitment ceremony this December. Denise shocked Hollywood in March this year when at seven months pregnant, she filed for divorce. Something pretty serious must have happened, and it soon was revealed Charlie had been revisiting his drinking and gambling past. Well it seems Denise is ready to give her husband another chance, but not without conditions. She is insisting her husband attend AA meetings several times a week to ensure he doesn?t start drinking or taking drugs again. She is also forbidding Charlie from gambling in any capacity and has asked him to attend couples counselling with her. But according to friends, she is nervous about giving the father of her two children Sam, 21 months and Lola, 5 months, a second chance. “She’s nervous about trying again,” says a friend. “But she really does love him and is willing to give it another go.” So far so good, though. She recently told a friend, “Charlie’s finally acting like the husband and father I always hoped he would be.”

Paris on the man prowl
It?s not looking good for the future of Paris Hilton and Paris Latsis. Female Paris recently spent some time in Miami where, according to sources, she was ?very much on the hunt for male attention”. She spent her time in the company of the executive producer of her upcoming album, Scott Storch, who let her stay in his $8.5 million mansion. According to reports, he?s been telling friends that Paris is “his girl” and he’s convinced she’ll marry him. But later at a party, insiders say she asked a long time male friend whether he would have a one night stand with her. “He thought she was joking,” the insider says, “but she kept pushing it!” Turned out he had his eye on someone else and Paris lost out. A week later in Toronto, she was seen on the phone to her 22-year-old Greek shipping heir fianc?, where according sources, “She was pretty irate with him and ended up hanging up,” the eyewitness says. “Then she called a friend and said, ‘I need a real man! I’m going partying tonight!'” Of course, her rep denies it all, saying: “She’s enjoying her engagement.”

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