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What is Matte, Dewy and Luminous Skin?

What is Matte, Dewy and Luminous Skin?

Luminous Skin

Have you ever wanted to master a matte, dewy or luminous skin finish but didn’t know where to begin? This is the definitive guide to creating the perfect base, without going overboard or spending far too much money.

Below are just three simple ways to easily recreate each look for any type of event. Remember to use the appropriate products and skin-finishes which flatter your own skin type!

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Matte skin is one of the most popular foundation finishes since it lasts the distance, and works well with every skin type. This usually means that matte foundations set on the skin much slower, and take a little more TLC to maintain – especially if you’re on the oily side.

What is Matte, Dewy and Luminous Skin?

Works best for: oily and combination skin

Do it yourself

Most foundations are actually catered to creating matte skin, so you’re actually one step closer to achieving this look than you think! Use a primer, since this will work twice as well to create a flawless base for the foundation. Apply the product directly onto the skin with a stippling brush, swiping downwards for a perfect finish.

Wait a few moments for your foundation to completely set, before locking it in with a powder, or better yet – a setting spray if you suffer from really dry skin. Lightly dab your face brush into the powder, and apply onto common problem areas such as the forehead, t-zone, around the nose and on the chin.

Try: Revlon ColorStay Makeup, $34.95


Want to create a subtle glow which looks like your skin has been kissed by the sun? Look no further than dewy skin, which isn’t impossible to achieve if you have the correct tools.

What is Matte, Dewy and Luminous Skin?

Works best for: dry and combination skin

Do it yourself

The key to creating this base is by using a foundation which is not medium-high coverage. This is probably the biggest mistake that most women make when choosing a foundation, with intentions to create a dewy base. You’re better off using a tinted moisturiser or even BB cream, which is the exact same colour (or close enough) as your skin tone. Apply with your fingers, or even a damp Beauty Blender to achieve an airbrush finish. Then, lightly dust a highlighter over the cheekbones and cupids bow to give your complexion a dewy boost.

Try: L’Oreal Paris Lumi Magique Light Infusing Foundation, $33.95


Luminous skin is quite different from it’s dewy counterpart. Free from heavy contouring, this is a makeup look which is perfect if you want a hint of summer glow all year round.

What is Matte, Dewy and Luminous Skin?

Works best for: oily, dry and combination skin

Do it yourself

Use a powder or mineral foundation to create an even base on the skin. But the best way to achieve luminous skin is to take care of it every single day. Simple things such as staying out of the sun, avoiding second-hand smoke and even using sunscreen will help your long term goals of achieving skin which is even and pure.

Try: Becca Luminous Skin Colour, $68

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