Matthew McConaughey engaged?!

February 8, 2005

Matthew McConaughey engaged?!

Penelope & Matt in Sahara
Just as our excitement fades over Brad Pitt?s new found singleness, rumour has it another heart throb is off the market. Matthew McConaughey is getting close to pop the question to his 30-year-old actress girlfriend Penelope Cruz. The pair met last year on the set of Sahara, an upcoming action-adventure movie filmed in Morocco. The 35-year-old spunk is often seen outdoors in his native Texas. According to a friend, “Matt’s happiest when he’s shirtless with a red bandanna around his head, fishing in the river, and he’s brought Spain’s most famous movie actress down to the basics, and she loves it.” Matt?s father has given his blessing, and Penelope is telling friends she hopes to be married in Madrid in July. Stay tuned!

Apparently this is an isolated event
Bitchney Sneers
Something to be proud of ? Britney Spears has been labelled ?Worst Celebrity Signer of the Year? by Autograph Collector magazine in the United States. Apparently the mags publisher says Brits won the award because ?no one is better at showing their fans how little they mean to them.” They?ve even given her a new name: Bitchney Sneers! Other signature stingy stars include include Cameron Diaz and boyfriend Justin Timberlake, Tobey Maguire, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. You?ll be pleased to note Autograph Collector do report on the positives. Celebrities known for their courtesy to fans while signing include Johnny Depp, who earned the nod for “Best Signer,” followed by Matt Damon, Tom Cruise, Mike Myers, and Angelina Jolie.

Nicole Kidman
Nicole selling Sydney home
Nicole Kidman has declared enough is enough, and is reportedly selling up her Darling Point home. She has been complaining this year of feeling like a prisoner in her own home, as paparazzi continue to camp outside her door. She has already had to take out an apprehended personal violence order on two photographers following alleged incidents involving the paparazzi in Sydney. The AVOs will remain in force until at least February 11, when the case returns to court. The final straw was probably finding a bugging device across the street from her home, where her security team gather. According to a friend, the house “fronts straight on to a footpath. Even passing pedestrians can look through the windows. Tom (Cruise) always like the house the most anyway. Selling it would be like closing a chapter and getting on.” She is reportedly looking to move into a penthouse with a view of the Opera House.

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